The Ok Social Club: “Baby Eat Your Heart Out” album to be released on June 1st 2015!

The lead single “Walkie Talkie” will be available in May.

We recently heard a preview of the new album by The Ok Social Club and it is safe to say that the band has moved away from their raw, punkier sound found on previous works. “Baby Eat Your Heart Out” to be released on June 1st 2015, is incredibly ambitious and amazing in the way it fulfills those ambitions. This is one of those albums where just about every song is great, which is a rare thing these days. The lead single from the album, “Walkie Talkie”, will be available during May.

toksc-baby-coverThe 10 tracks on “Baby Eat Your Heart Out” takes the The Ok Social Club sound to a new level. Rarely do you find artists willing to devote time to making songs that simultaneously are lyrically beautiful and musically textured. This band shows they know how to make an alternative pop record. They have managed to expertly tow the line between experimental and catchy, uniting both the indie and mainstream listener.

With a fresh coat of musical paint and some challenging vocals and instrumentation, that demands repeated listens, The Ok Social Club have certainly crafted what can only be acknowledged as their best recording to date.

“A La Mode” is a mid-tempo and melodic opener, complete with heartbeat rhythms and Raff Eragona’s soaring vocals. “Walkie Talkie” comes together to create a crunchy guitar-driven and rhythmic track that will have you stomping your feet in a minute. “Camarilla” and “5s (It’s In Your Blood)” sound a bit more conventional in their approach, harking back to the band’s previous work and putting their upbeat sound up against darker and more contemplative lyrics.

toksc-baby-400The majority of the album’s tracks host enough surprises to keep them from sounding stale and rehashed. The almost gentle “Women And Children First” is truly moving, a reassuring track that reminds us that this band’s relentless energy can be easily poured into total tenderness.

“Keeping Up Appearances” and “Unconditional Love” have such weightless and natural progressions that you can’t help but be pulled in immediately. They provide a perfect complement to the fast-paced more complex energy of tracks like “Old School Down”, “Tough Love (Waiting For Something To Happen)” and “In A Heartbeat”. The pacing of the album is flawless, allowing for an accessible and attentive listening experience.

“Baby Eat Your Heart Out” is already a strong contender for one of the year’s best indie records, even before it is released, and cements The Ok Social Club’s position as one of the brightest bands on the indie scene. Current fans will be more than pleased and newcomers will be able to easily sink into the album’s lush sounds and vibrant melodies. Don’t miss out on this one!

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More about The Ok Social Club:

Raff Eragona – Vocals, Guitars, Chris Finn – Guitars, Gordy Burn – Bass and Jordan Harvey – Drums played their first gig together in summer 2011 at PJ Molloys in Dunfermline. They spent the rest of the year gigging around the UK. The following year they released three singles ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, ‘The Late 90’s’ and ‘Gezellig’ on indie label Platform Records, The singles each featured on various TV and Radio shows including: MTV Rocks, The Sunday Brunch playlist on Channel 4, Hollyoaks, E4 and Sky Sports-Soccer AM as well as being record of the month on BBC’s The Janice Forsyth show and Steve Lamacq’s Rebel playlist winner on BBC Radio 6.

In February 2013 they released their highly anticipated debut album “Nothing in Common”.  The next month they won BEST LIVE ACT at The Scottish Alternative MUSIC AWARDS where they performed live that night closing the show. In late 2013 they began recording demos and playing songs expected to appear on their second album including the standalone single “Threads” released in March 2014.

Their second album “Baby Eat Your Heart Out” is to be released on June 1st 2015. The lead single “Walkie Talkie” will be available in May.


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