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The Love Theme: “Tomorrow” – both innovative and respectful of classic sounds!

Producer, Engineer, Writer, DJ and owner of Smokersblend Records & Audioblend Mastering, Dominic Owen and his brainchild – The Love Theme, have dropped the track, “Tomorrow”, which is the first of several single releases, while the project is preparing its album, due out in 2016. Dominic Owen is brilliant, easily one of the most underrated hip-hop producers of our time.

I’m not a Dominic Owen obsessed dude, but once I heard “Tomorrow”, I was totally blown away again. He is able to take dreamy retro soul and jazz induced tunes and give them an extremely modern twist without losing authenticity. “There is nothing like this” is what I keep saying to myself when I listen to a producer as talented as Owen, and then turn on the radio to hear how hip hop has taken a plummet down the drain.

This track, while wrapping up in little more than five minutes, is a sonically warm explosion from left field that only adds to the genius that is Dominic Owen. The samples that he mixes in with his beats are surprising as he is able to craft amazing songs out of un-syncopated rhythms. I’m not sure but I suspect that this may have been sampled from an Ella Fitzgerald track, which Owen triumphantly morphs into a modern-day urban beat. He is both innovative and respectful of classic sounds.

All in all, “Tomorrow” by The Love Theme will be a nice addition to anybody’s musical library, regardless of its genre, and is well worth checking out. Dominic Owen is a testament to what good music can do to affect your everyday life in a positive way.

More About Dominic Owen: After being converted in the late 80’s and then spent time in New York during the 90’s. His musical home became High Class Productions in Brownsville, Brooklyn. It was around this time Dominic produced ‘Things Done Changed‘ on Notorious B.I.G’s ground breaking classic “Ready To Die” considered a modern day classic with over 6 million worldwide sales. During this time he also produced and wrote songs for Rakim, PMD, Lil Kim, Anthony Hamilton, Damage, Nonchalant as well as other local and international artists. In 1998 he produced the Bugs Bunny theme song from the Space Jam soundtrack at the legendary Hit Factory Studios with Billy West and Jay-Z.


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