The House The Old brings raw energy, passion, and excitement to their compositions!

The House The Old is a driven, passionate and charismatic sound created by singer/songwriter Imran Siddiqui and Washington DC’s veteran record producer Marco Delmar. Imran writes and co-creates all the songs with the help of a talented set of musicians, including Barry Warsaw on bass guitar, Mark Reiter on drums, Marco Delmar on lead guitar, and Ken Barnum on bass. Marco Delmar is also the Music Producer.

The House The Old’s debut single “Missing” which was released in 2014, is a heartfelt track that takes a stand against violence on women. The song and the music video aimed to raise awareness about violence against women and children in America and around the world.

Imran Siddiqui
Imran Siddiqui

The House The Old achieves something most bands wished they could…they just play rock music with meaning. There’s no turntables, no orchestral arrangements, no choirs in the background, just guitars, vocals, bass and drums. Simple, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful to listen to though!

They bring elements of alternative rock and some grunge into a volatile mixture that will certainly please most rock fans. Vocalist-guitarist Imran Siddiqui, bassist Barry Warsaw, and drummer Mark Reiter, as well as Producer and guitarist Marco Delmar, all boast some nifty skills as musicians, but they’re not trying to be just exquisitely technical or intricately complex. They are here to rock their hearts out and get some serious messages across, and certainly the songs they have on display are pure evidence of that fact.

The seething power in the band’s latest single “Get Up Get On” is an irresistible slice of catchy hard rock, telling us all to ‘make the best of the time we have left here on this earth.’  The centerpieces, in my view, are the rocking, dark and brooding “Not A Day Longer” which is a phenomenal song along with “The Place”.

Throughout all their songs the band hints strongly at melodicism without losing their gritty rock feel, while showcasing good musicianship and alienating themes we can all relate to. They also put an extreme amount of truth, emotion and heart into their lyrics which are topical and pertinent, as is recognizable in “Missing”…but it’s ultimately the music that wins us over in the end.

thehousetheold-400bFor me to like and respect a band, they need to have something that makes them stand out, and The House The Old definitely stands out. Their vocal arrangements and instrumentals are amazingly put together, and “Not A Day Longer” plays perfect testimony to this.

The band brings raw energy, passion, and excitement to their compositions, then mix in refined arrangements and intelligent lyrical themes. Considering how many great rock bands there are in this world trying to do the same thing, I was amazed at how unlike most other rocks bands, The House The Old sound like. It’s something about how they combine their melodic verses with heavy choruses and emotional lyrics which makes them unique.

All the songs by The House The Old are pretty catchy too, and I’ve gotten a couple of them stuck in my head for days at a time. The music alone could grab anybody’s attention and get them hooked. You definitely want to give this band a listen!

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Missing – Debut video The House The Old from The House The Old on Vimeo.

More about Imran Siddiqui:

Imran Siddiqui
Imran Siddiqui

Imran is a lifelong writer, raised in Pakistan and educated in the Philippines. A journalism graduate, Imran is a natural servant of God, sharing what he learned from Him with those among us who are most in pain. He is multi-dimensional and he has spent years telling other people’s stories through his award- winning documentary productions and international TV and Radio broadcast stories. Applying his skills in media production throughout the world, he played a pivotal role in revamping and revolutionizing Pakistani TV and Radio system. He was sought by Voice of America as an International Reporter and Producer and later as the Managing Editor of VOA Urdu Online.He also founded and manages Global Crossover Records, supporting the artistic pursuits of the world’s youth.

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