“B.L.U.E.” Preview – The fire, spirit and energy of Kev.D shines through these songs

Hailing from the East Coast, Kev.D has already been featured on MTV.com, iHeartRadio, several magazines and even Pandora. His career sparked with his interest in free styling for fun, he went and bought a seven dollar cheap microphone and downloaded a free recording program which he would later use to record his first track ever. After uploading it to YouTube he began to gain momentum as he received positive feedback from people across the country ultimately sparking an even higher motivation for him to take his career to the next level.

Kev-D-coverKev.D has is currently working on his new mixtape to be entitled, “B.L.U.E.”, which is set for release in early 2016. Kev.D is promising serious heat judging by the few tracks we previewed recently from the upcoming mixtape. The recordings are catchy and banging as hell and nobody will be sitting still while these are on. If you want to headnod hard with entertaining raps and dirty deliveries, Kev.D is the tits. He can go hardcore, dark and deep, as on “Take Me Away”, or he can be extravagant and explicit as he does on “I Like Tuh” and “Think I love You”.

The fire, spirit and energy of Kev.D shines through these songs. After the initial warm-up phase and some requisite boosting, boasting and bragging (necessities of the culture), Kev.D openly reveals his inner thoughts for us to explore and contemplate on “That’s My Baby”, “Fade Away” and “Do You Think Of Me”, while proving with his neatly measured delivery and flow that he can compete at the highest level in the game of rapping.

The production of the songs are absolutely immaculate; beautiful strings, catchy drum patterns and great use of samples and vocals, especially on “Take me Away”. Kev.D also shows a great knack for creating great melodies. All-round these songs are solid individually, while being short and sweet and never venturing into staying longer than their welcome, which will leave you yearning for more from Kev.D. We will obviously have to wait for the release of the mixtape to grasp the overall theme and the cohesiveness as a complete unit, of these songs.

In the meantime you can enjoy some catchy, heartfelt, passionate music without cutting away your integrity.  I went into listening to these tracks having absolutely no expectations and left feeling satisfied and sure that Kev.D has something deeper to say and that he’s setting out from the start to say it…and when he finally says it all, he may become a force to be reckoned with!


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