“Stop” drips with emotion as Lexi James puts her heart on her sleeve

Lexi James is a Nashville recording country singer-songwriter. She has spent her whole life singing and performing for family and friends. Instead of graduating in high school Lexi decided to skip college and pursue music. She says it’s her passion, the number one thing in her world and “I KNOW this is what I’m meant to do,” she says, explaining what drives her creativity: “I write about things I’ve gone through in my life, whether it be my stutter, my family, or being bullied throughout my life. And because of the bullying, I am actually a spokesperson for PACER ‘Teens Against Bullying’. I LOVE that I get the chance to go around to schools and teach kids about the effects of bullying, while also making it fun.”

Lexi James
Lexi James

“Stop”, Lexi James’ contemporary pop single, traps individual experiences perfectly in song form, synthesizing emotionally heartbreaking experiences in a way that can be applied to anyone that’s ever lived, yet still be deeply personal. The lyrics are crafted masterfully, lending to an altogether tangible listening experience.

Lexi shows her talent for songwriting and conveying her true emotions in every lyric, as “Stop”, shows her jagged side which is broken, angry and hurt.  She opens the song with gentle vocals over an acoustic-guitar driven introduction, then the strings are introduced, and Lexi’s voice climbs higher, staying clean and strong throughout the song; especially the bridges and choruses where her vocals soar sumptuously, into another dimension.

This song drips with emotion as Lexi puts her heart on her sleeve, candidly presenting herself without holding back, and without affectation.

From her music and videos, Lexi comes across as beautiful and charismatic. She seems intelligent in a specific, focused way that will definitely help her achieve her goals, and she also appears to have the knack of working hard work and making it look easy. But the foremost reason for her appeal is her voice and songs.

Lexi James is still young, and she has a long career ahead of her yet, but “Stop” is already a magnificent example of her craft. Obviously like most talented artists, a lot of this record’s success will depend on the marketing and promotional kick behind it. Either way this shouldn’t “Stop” an authentic talent, such as hers, from eventually realizing her dream of being a really famous singer!

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