Solomon “Boonie Mayfield” Vaughn: “Vaughn Solo 1st Edition” – hypnotic soul-funk fusion and more…

“Vaughn Solo 1st Edition” is another great collection of beats by Solomon Vaughn, a must have for any fan creative and eclectic artist. This solo project, definitely illustrates his passion for real hip-hop grooves, and, like all of Vaughn work, is a breath of fresh air in todays’ smog of rap bravado, pompousness, and over-materialism without substance.

All songs on the album were produced by Solomon “Boonie Mayfield” Vaughn (except for – “Good Girls” Produced by Ro Blvd., “That DOELEMITE” Produced by Breakbot, “Ode to The Joy” Produced by Pete Rock & Kanye West, and “Dreams” Produced by Ologist). While the project was Engineered & Mixed by Vaughn himself at The Lemonade Stand, Colorado Springs, CO and Dallas, TX.

Solomon Vaughn
Solomon Vaughn

Vaughn’s signature work with the drums and hypnotic soul-funk fusion outweigh even the tightest versus and metaphors spit over any track here. With his clever use of sample snippets and neck tweaking drum work, Vaughn solidifies himself as an elitist among hip-hop’s beat-makes. “Vaughn Solo 1st Edition” immerses the listener in some spine-tingling musical treats. From the groovy interpretation of “No Handle Bars”, to the raucous anthem “The Vaughn Solo Killer Bee Itch!”, Vaughn carves out masterful pieces of sublime soul and grimy street cuts. He manages to present a diverse sound throughout this album but the overall feel once again has Solomon “Boonie Mayfield” Vaughn stamped all over it. Perhaps it’s the crackling kicks, the snappy snares or the rumbling basslines. I’m not sure, but it’s definitely his own freaky vibe.

Vaughn undoubtedly has a penchant for intoxicating tracks with an acute sense of irrationality; his musical expressionism never ceases to amaze me, as he makes heads nod with his very unorthodox, yet mellow and casual style. To top it all, Vaughn spits it raw on tracks like, “The Beginning”, “My Love For…”, “8-18-14 (The Summer Breakdown)” and “No More Of This Shame”. All throughout the album, Vaughn leaves a lasting impression on our minds with superior lyrics, tight beats.

The beauty of this album is that you can’t categorize it. While it is an underground production, it is nonetheless an album that most people can appreciate because it’s impossible not to feel Vaughn’s production and despite the fact that he comes off as a pretty crazy cat on some tracks nobody can deny that he spits fire on the mic too.

If you’re a serious hip hop enthusiast, you should have this album. Whether you like it or not, this is an important independent recording, if only because once again Solomon “Boonie Mayfield” Vaughn attempts to do something completely different from mainstream hip hop by taking it to another level…and succeeds…again!


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