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Slick Amadeus: “Alone” – a master of arousing a feeling through his music

Slick Amadeus/ A M V D E U S is a producer from Miami, Florida who’s been making beats producing since the 8th grade. He honed his craft by observing and listening to Jeremy Soule, Hans Zimmer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Timbaland, Ski Beatz, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Fat Jon, J-Dilla, and Nujabes. His production credits include Anonymuz, Lyrrick, Jeff Stones, SPVDE, and more.

Slick Amadeus is someone that has developed an incredibly unique perspective of music, learning from his peers, and has successfully applied that to the right rhythms, beats, and melodies. The result is grooving ambient sounds of “Fly Times” and the latest single “Alone”.

slick-amadeus-350Slick Amadeus’ beautiful production sets a cool mellow mood that is great for reading, driving, or just chillin’. He makes the type of hip- lush, restrained and ambient but still has that slight hard edge. The best aspect of Slick Amadeus’ music is the range of emotion that is harvested within each song. He is a master of arousing a feeling through his music. “Alone” is track on here which make you feel sad, which make you reflect on good times past, which lifts you up and make you want to groove to the beat – all at the same time!

This song is absolutely perfect for car rides, trips through the big city, travelling of any kind, or late nights in the dark under a clear moon. It’s a track that subtly makes you ponder your existence and is perfect when you’re surrounded by humanity or natural beauty. Creative, ecletic, dreamy, for someone who has never heard Slick Amadeus before, “Alone” is a good place to start. And if you need that moody, melancholy beat to rap your verses over, this track’s perfect.

While urban music tends to have a digitally processed feel, this project exudes an organic groove.  “Alone” is definitely one to pick up!


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