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Shibbs: “Love’s Not Gonna Change” ft. PromKnght – a soulful slow burning beat with a great hook

Shibbs is one of the founders of the Hiphop label Dream Gate Entertainment (DGE) alongside childhood friend Lynch. DGE consists of Shibbs, Lynch and newest member D-Rev. Both Shibbs and Lynch currently have debut mixtapes coming out, while D-Rev’s album is also coming soon. “Love’s Not Gonna Change” ft. PromKnght, and produced by Seeo, is the 3rd single off of Shibbs’ upcoming mixtape called “Fate”.


If you want to hear some good, solid rap, over a soulful slow burning beat with a great hook, then Shibbs delivers with “Love’s Not Gonna Change”.  Verse to chorus transitioning is nearly flawless as the beat falls into a vacuum letting the vocal hook dominate the song, before returning to Shibb’s well-placed rhymes about love and lust gone bad.

There are 3 points in Shibbs artistic armory which convinces me that he can to be a serious contender in the game. Point one, Shibbs has been able to keep my attention by being consistent throughout the track, which is an area many rappers lack in. Each verse is measured with an even stride to his flow. His lyrics never lose shape as he manages to pump out continuous rhyming lines with fiery deliveries that always make sense. And above all his diction is clear and perfectly understandable, another aspect where many would be rapid-fire rappers fail. Point two in his favor!

Even though Shibbs’ tone may sound aggressive during various passages of the song, he manages to stay introspective at the same time, showing that he has no lack of nuance or sincerity in his craft. No matter which way you look at “Love’s Not Gonna Change”, this will always end up being a bittersweet love song, which Shibbs pulls off extremely well considering the genre, and without ever being overly nectarous or distastefully offensive. And that’s point three!

All-round “Love’s Not Gonna Change” is very well balanced and lacks nothing in terms of production, lyrics and performance. That makes Shibbs a serious contender in the game. I’ll be eager to see what he does with his mixtape.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Twitter: @Shibbs34 – Instagram: @Shibbs_DGE – Soundcloud: @Shibbs_DGE – Facebook


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