Sapphica: “I Would”- a total 360° sensorial adventure!

Sapphica is Kristen Mann, a professional basketball player, and Gabriel Mann a filmmaker. Together they produce a stunning combination of audiovisual art that you would hardly expect from fiercely independent artists. The production quality matches every inch of creative footage they put into their music videos, which often tackles sensitive sociological dilemmas.

Sapphica say that they take exceptional pride in being a strong voice for equality in their music and their videos.  “It’s in our name. It’s in our lyrics. It’s in our videos,” they say, continuing: “It’s in the way we live our lives every day.  We believe that love is love, and all of our art is rooted in that fundamental ideal.”

Kristen Mann of Sapphica
Kristen Mann of Sapphica

It’s challenging to classify the work of Sapphica, as they always come up with something that escapes any previously conceived category tags. Their only constant, is that each song has a high quality cinematic visual to support the music. So the Sapphica experience is a total 360° sensorial adventure. Watching the video of their latest single, “I Would”, it occurred to me that if there weren’t artists out there like Kristen and Gabriel making the effort to stretch barriers, and set musical goals that reflect who they are, and more importantly…who we are, or should be, we’d probably all sink and disappear into the stagnant void that is pop music today.

“I Would”, which is meant to be a “tribute to love, and the ultimate first dance song for homo-matrimonials,” uses luscious-sounding but minimal instrumentation and slow rhythms to create an intimate, sensitive and sensual environment, where Kristen’s magical voice manages to create simplicity out of complex textures and subtle counterpoints, maintaining interest, and always giving the listener someplace to wander and fantasize about.

Together with the elegant mood-inducing visuals and the tastefully salacious choreography, the music coaxes, entices and hooks your auditory senses into thoroughly understanding just how deep Sapphica is as a songwriting and composing duo. You’ll fall into their songs and get wrapped up in them.

The material here is so lush, sensual, warm, inviting and captivating that you could easily lounge around in a bathrobe all day listening to “I Would”. I find it interesting that a track so subtle and sensitive can be so optimistic and uplifting in its intention and execution. What makes this creation such a stand-out isn’t the density of its potential catchiness but the density of its true-heartedness. Sexual, spiritual, compelling and sincere, “I Would”, Sapphica and especially Kristen Mann are among the best things I have seen and heard so far this year!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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