S.D. Gabor: “Born Of Fire And Brimstone” – a very entrancing, hypnotic track

Samuel Davien Gabor tries to modernize his classical influences by fusing modern day genres with the old. After years making a living as a composer, S.D. Gabor has ventured into new territory by adding his vocals to his original compositions.

S.D. Gabor’s latest release, “Born Of Fire And Brimstone” stands as a worthwhile recording that at its best moments handsomely displays Gabor’s talents for effective song-craft and imaginative sound design. It’s definitely a track that needs to be experienced on headphones or a good sound system. Only then do you notice all the layers and subtleties, and realize just how incredibly interesting the production is.

Though the style of vocals fit in with the musical theme, I am not particularly enthralled with the understated vocal parts, in what I’d call the verse sections – I’d personally prefer an Enya-styled female voice – but the choral harmonies which are potent and uplifting, more than make up for this. Moreover, I think S.D. Gabor should be appreciated for the sound design and music arrangement, rather than the vocals.

“Born Of Fire And Brimstone” ultimately reveals itself as a very entrancing, hypnotic track filled with lush, rich ambient textures, sounds and atmospheres. Here S.D. Gabor shows himself to be a master studio wizard, and weaves an intoxicating tapestry of sound and music. In the footpath of Enigma’s Michael Cretu, in terms of the overall style of the music is concerned, Gabor masterfully creates something familiar and something new at the same time.

Looking through S.D. Gabor’s catalog, it becomes clear how he is able to explore so many different musical landscapes and not be tied to a single framework of sound. Not everything he does is perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. His music will actually move and transport you, metaphorically speaking, to ethereal and surreal distant places. It inspires and captivates. And that’s exactly what this genre of music needs to do!


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