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Rizo Balic: Happy Woman (Love Songs Collection)

Rizo Balic is a non-performing Songwriter. He writes lyrics and compose music for both Female and Male Artists in all tempos and music styles: Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance. Rizo has his origins in Montenegro ( once a part of the former Yugoslavia). While studying Political Science at the University of Belgrade (Serbia), as a hobby, he started writing poems in the Serbian-Croatian language.

In August 1988 due to the Political and Economic situation in the Former Yugoslavia, he decided to seek a new life in England. After learning English language Rizo decided to learn how to read and write music too. He wrote his first song at the beginning of 2003, titled NOW IT’S TOO LATE. After gaining some good response for his music, he was also approached by Diamond Studios, a recording studio from Bristol (England) with an offer to record 3 of his songs. Thereafter all his remaining songs (78) were recorded by Diamond Studios. Rizo has written nearly 400 songs, of which nearly 100 have been professionally recorded.

Rizo Balic has also released a collection of love songs entitled, Happy Woman (Love Songs Collection), which is available at CdBaby. Though not a performer, much of the credit on the album belongs to the snappy songwriting hooks and classic pop vocal stylings that Rizo composed here. When he made the decision to step out and explore the possibilities, ‘Happy Woman’ apparently came quite naturally to his artistic sensibilities.

Happy Woman (Love Songs Collection) is a spacious, highly personal, hard-to-resist retro-pop effort by an artist who is giving his own spin on the happiness and the pitfalls of love; the arrangements kick-start almost every song which rely exclusively on female vocals.

That’s what makes his brand of power-pop so rewarding: no one else seems to take such outward, giddy pleasure in writing about the harrowing world of relationships. The tracks flow along seamlessly in both mood and concept, from ballads to up-tempo numbers, while Rizo never loses focus of the job at hand. His ear for a smart melody is well-tuned, as he speaks of ideals, both bright and dark, recovered and lost, in love.

All in all, the effect of the 15-track album, takes Rizo in a highly individual direction, but one that has had a longer shelf-life than some of the other stuff around him at the time, considering that Happy Woman(Love Songs Collection)  was initially released in 2005.

This is one of those classic, easy listening albums, best used for driving down the highway. Pull the windows down, pop Happy Woman (Love Songs Collection)   into the player, and tap those fingers against the wheel. Much like you did when listening to Abba, Bananarama, Kylie Minogue or Belinda Carlisle, back in the day, as the aura of that successful pop sound is smeared all over Rizo Balic’s arrangements on this album.

Rizo Balic is an ‘old-school’ songwriter, in that he concentrates much of his attention on melody and harmony, as well as classic pop song structures with solid verses and full-blown choruses. This is of course opposed to today’s songwriting emphasis, which is heavy on beats, breakdowns and build-ups.

Happy Woman (Love Songs Collection)   is the kind of album you’ll pull out of your collection ten years from now and say, “Yeah, this is a great disk. I still love it.” It has great songs, hooks and lyrics etc.; just an all-around enjoyable album from a mature music composer who has been humbly working his craft in his own personal style, without worrying too much about tastes and trends.


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