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RED MONDAY: The Monster Classic Rock Album Drops on the 9th of August!

The self-titled Red Monday album has its official release date set for Aug 9. While the first single: “Time (It’s About Time)” was unleashed on July 12. We did a run –up review a week or so ago giving you a rundown of what Rick Harris (Lead Vocal), Mike McCarron (Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals), Jeff Kylloe (Bass) and Jim Miller (Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, and Backing Vocals) bring to the table on their latest piece of work. Now after digesting a preview copy of the “Red Monday” album for almost two weeks now, it is clear that we need to move closer to the real truth about this band and their music!

The 80s never ended, and this album proves just that! To make it short and sweet: This is the perfect rock album. In fact, the best album I have heard by any classic rock band this year. Here you have this amazingly talented band with a rock sound rooted in the 70s and 80s sounding so incredibly fresh. “Red Monday” features true catchy rock songs, hard rock songs, and some beautiful ballads that will blow you away! All in true, authentically super cool 80s style, that only the mega rock groups were capable of making back in the day.

I really can’t say enough positive things about this album. Some professional reviewer friends of mine have tried to find flaws with this album, but they couldn’t! It’s impossible to talk negatively about this album, as each track on this is a keeper, a stayer and a grower! You simply won’t find a bad song among the twelve available! Not one filler track; all consisting of pure melodic-rock perfection. Probably the only bad thing about this album is that it has to end. With this level of quality, it should have been 24 songs instead of 12!

Even after almost two weeks of listening, I’m still knocked out by “You Move Me” which now strongly reminds me of early Journey work and Neal Schon’s musical arrangements in particular. From the powerhouse instrumentation to Rick Harris’s soaring vocals, this track is pure unbridled orgasmic pleasure for any rock aficionado. As are my other favorites “She’s On Fire”“Time (It’s About Time)”, “Closer”, “Sanctuary”, “Broken Promises”, “Man In The Mirror” and “Somebody Else”.

If you love classic rock but are always a little nervous in picking up a new album from one of your favorite “old” bands back from the eighties, because you know they’ve been lost in no-man’s land since being forced into extinction by the Grunge movement in the nineties, then fear no more! Red Monday is the answer to all your retro rock n’ roll problems.

The songs on this album could easily have been the same lazy three chords over and over again and still sound impressive, but this is not the case with Red Monday. There are always interesting things going on here, both production and performance wise, if you listen carefully.

This is your last ‘preview warning’ before the album releases on the 9th of August. “Red Monday” is a monster classic-rock album, where every member of the band really gets to shine and you receive all the benefits! Don’t miss out on this one!



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