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R&B singer-songwriter SHARNA – Everything that’s on this girl’s mind she sings about!

SHARNA grew up in Australia in a home filled with music which inspired her artistic growth. She writes, sings and produces music. When she is not creating her own instrumentals together with a producer, she handpicks them individually. By 2003 SHARNA had moved to Sacramento California where she recorded her first single called “Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl”.


In 2004 the R&B singer-songwriter moved on to Oakland and in 2005 she was already offered a record deal. Enduring and surpassing many obstacles, today SHARNA makes music which reflects her self-asserted womanhood and life experiences.

That much is evident when listening to the 3 singles that populate her websites – “Charity”, “Even Tho” and “Stimulation”, where she comfortably moves between Pop and R&B. SHARNA’s voice is sweet and smoky. Her tone is full-bodied and rich with a chilling timber as she sings with passion, narrating love, heartbreak, sex and a little weed smoking, in varying doses.

And when she’s all smoked-up and sexy, she’s steaming hot. As on “Stimulation”, where she utilizes a smoldering register, evoking new dimensions to her voice, and filling minds with a surplus of erotic imagery that points to directly total climax time.

I mean, could you seriously resist these lines sung by SHARNA:

“Watch me wrap my fingers round your swisher stick, Break that baby down and clean him real quick.

Fill me up fill me with that good good, and lick me down my middle like you should should.

Lick it lick it lick, ooh before you stick it stick it stick it, make it good for me…”


The throw-back pop sounds on “Charity” are captivating and SHARNA seems to be so in touch with who she is as an artist, forging a cheeky playfulness on this upbeat track. On “Even Tho” she expresses the many contrasting and hurting emotions a woman goes through in a relationship.

Although I do love the entire set, it’s “Stimulation”, that more than any other captures my attention. And it’s not just for the obvious Pheromone levels that are raised in my bodily fluids when listening to this track, but the song shows a natural progression in SHARNA’s artistry and confidence. Her vocals perfectly fit the mood and tempo on this song.

Everything that’s on this girl’s mind she sings about. She is a breath of fresh air. Her music is honest and easy to relate to. Quite simply, SHARNA is playful, soulful and sultry at the same time!


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