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Producer Darryl Joyner has a penchant for intoxicating Urban Pop tracks!

“She’s Classy” embodies everything that banging club pop is all about.

Darryl Joyner is a self-described “Artist”. He writes songs for other artists, complete with either sung vocals or instrumentals with a “lead melody.” Always passionate about his art he constantly improves to create products that are relevant, appropriate and tasteful.

Darryl Joyner stays on top of trends through constant research. He listens to and studies the music of every major RnB artist and also maintains a major network of New York City DJs to monitor dance floor hits, Billboard Charts and Soundscan activity. His company is ready to plant the seeds for trends before they arrive. From his New York based studio he finds the right combinations of lyrical content and production.

Darryl Joyner graduated from Howard University with a degree in business management and accounting. While attending, he also obtained a minor degree in classical music theory and jazz studies.

Darryl has just released his latest music track titled, “She’s Classy”. This track embodies everything that banging club pop is all about, and basically that is having fun. This project illustrates his passion for grooves that get you on your feet and onto the dance-floor.

“She’s Classy” delivers a tight beat and samples from a dude who knows exactly what the crowds want to hear. Darryl Joyner’s signature work with hypnotic Pop, Soul, Hiphop and RnB instrumentals is ready-made to enhance any rhyme presentations. With his clever use of synth sounds, sample snippets and neck tweaking drum work, Darryl is establishing himself as a quality craftsman among hip-hop’s modern beat brigade.

Darryl Joyner’s beat catalog immerses the listener in some spine-tingling musical treats. From pop and groovy interpretations, to raucous street anthems, Darryl carves out masterful pieces of sublime soul-shattering beats.

He manages to present a diverse sound throughout his catalog but the overall feel has Darryl Joyner stamped all over it. Darryl undoubtedly has a penchant for intoxicating tracks.  Start off with “She’s Classy”, as a FREE DOWNLOAD, then work your way through the rest of Darryl Joyner’s works –you won’t be disappointed!

darryl-joyner-300Darryl Joyner now has a new catalog for artists seeking to lease or buy exclusive tracks for their projects. Visit the catalog HERE for hot contemporary urban pop music tracks.


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