Pat Er’son: “Don’t Cry feat. Destyn Hill” – a melodic, hook-filled and beat-heavy track!

Pat Er’son not only is he an artist, he also is a producer and author. With an upcoming LP (The Moment) and a new book called “Before I Say I Do” Pat Er’son shows off his many gifts and talents with his new project “Don’t Cry feat. Destyn Hill”. First off let me say, I really didn’t expect much from this single. I expected it to be a typical underground rap song album. Boy was I wrong! To be honest, I didn’t know much about Pat Er’son other than he has another fresh track doing the rounds, called “#Work”. I decided to give it a shot and I am really glad that I did.

Pat Er'son
Pat Er’son

From the beat to Pat Er’son’s sharp story telling lyrics, this is a great track from start to finish where I even found myself wanting to know more about the man from Paterson, NJ. When most rappers emerge in the rap game, they do so with a level of urgency. That necessity is the foundation of hip-hop as well as the nature of life in the ‘hood’ which propels this genre of music. This melodic, hook-filled and beat-heavy track, produced by Destyn Hill of Aztrotuned, is delivered with that same sense of urgency by Pat Er’son.

Pat Er’son’s is a man on a mission, because he probably knows if you stop or pause in this game, you will be steamrolled by those coming up from behind you. I think Pat Er’son’s is underrated and will benefit from more promotion, and really needs to do a full album or mixtape to keep his momentum in full swing after “#Work” feat. Cobra” and “Don’t Cry feat. Destyn Hill”.

On both of the above tracks Pat Er’son’s lyrics and flow are consistently dope and entertaining, while the beats and hooks support him perfectly. Pat Er’son’s lyrical artillery doesn’t even slowdown on “Don’t Cry feat. Destyn Hill”, just because it’s a club banger – something which happens often to some of his peers. This shows that he has no real weak spots. What I like about Pat Er’son’s is that he’s very clever. The killer beats and his hot lines come together to make awesome songs. Any fan of underground or even commercial hip-hop will find these tracks totally enjoyable, as he transcends both.


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