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One Alaskan, two Canadians, four traveling gypsies, and a ton of talented Okies make up the musical tapestry that is Daisy, the new compilation album by Lackpro Records

There are some crazy, and amazing things going on in the Oklahoma music scene.  If you watch the TV show Sons of Anarchy then you are familiar with the music of Tulsa’s John Moreland, for fans of the ethereal the band Colourmusic recently released their epic album May You Marry Rich (to many critical kudos), and Blake Shelton, well he is the king of the Country Music. From noise rock, to sad girls with guitars Oklahoma is a place that embraces music without limitations, or any ideology specific to one genre.

lackpro-logo-400In the vein of that spirit, Oklahoma City based Lackpro Records gives us Daisy: a thirteen song swirl of everything from chocolate to vanilla to horse radish. The album’s first track, Whitey by Big Okie Doom (ft. Bob Chandler) will immediately get your pulse racing with its high energy and angst driven delivery, then the second track, Under Currents by Brian Cagle, will drop you down about twenty floors to a more intimate one on one experience, and the rest of the album pretty much carries on the same way. The band Psychotic Reaction gives us a brilliant garage rock anthem and The Harmed Brother demonstrates the authentic story telling for which they are becoming known. The song Gunsmoke by Skinny Bitches is another example of one of the more upbeat, driven tracks on the album in addition to being just a really great song.

Many people may be turned away by the lack of consistency contained in Daisy.  There is a train of thought that a record label should focus on one style of music. I don’t agree.  The truly great indie labels didn’t limit themselves to one genre: Sub Pop, IRS, A&M Records, etc.  As a music fan I feel that recently I have been mostly offered three options.  I could have top 40, acoustic, or electronic.  I doubt Lackpro Records will have much success swimming against the current, but I sincerely respect their attempt to do so.  This is a marvelous album.

Though the players are mostly Oklahomans, Daisy also includes the band Skinny Bitches from Toronto, Teenage Daydreams from Alaska, and The Harmed Brothers from…the road. If you are a person of personality, then Daisy will speak to you on multiple levels.  If you are a one dimensional character, then there is at least one song here that you will like.

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