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Ofe E. – “Si te das cuenta a tiempo nunca es tarde” is real and hard-hitting!

Independent and underground Hip-hop artist Ofe E., also works as an educator at a detention center in the Spanish city of Seville, where he is trying to educate juvenile offenders through Hip-hop workshops by channeling their aggressive or negative thoughts through rapping. Through his own music Ofe E. produces no-frills songs with positive messages, often directed at, and intended to help educate the youth.

Ofe E.
Ofe E.

Ofe E. has currently released an 8-track mixtape entitled “Si te das cuenta a tiempo nunca es tarde,” which affronts themes of drugs, death and more of life’s harsh current day realities. The music production on the mixtape is supplied by Pebens Beat. The tracks are intensely musical and it doesn’t require you to like rap music at all.

Ofe E.’s lyrics are in Spanish, so I cannot tell you much about the metaphors, the punchlines and whether they are clever and occasionally brilliant, but I can tell that his voice, flow and delivery are top-notch. From the little I was able to pick up and vaguely translate, he seems to go in deep with messages that are real and hard-hitting.

However you do not need to fully understand Spanish, though it is certainly an important advantage, to enjoy “Si te das cuenta a tiempo nunca es tarde.” At the time when the hip hop industry is full of violent and aggressive music, the overall vibe and Ofe E.’s rapping style provides an alternative, someone who can talk about true-life emotions and convictions, and express them without the common braggadocio or in-your-face deliveries.

ofe-e-radOn the contrary Ofe E.’s vocal delivery is laid-back and in control, while he is extremely well-backed by producer Pebens Beat, who provides beats that will make your head nod.

Every song sounds perfectly executed; the beats, the rhymes, the cuts and the raw emotion that goes into every track. My favourites include: “Mi realidad”, “Narcos de papel”, “Hermano Perro” and the title track, “Si te das cuenta a tiempo nunca es tarde.”  Ofe E. is an mc who not only flows well, but talks about so much.

Again, limited to what I can understand, Ofe E. comes across as a true street poet and urban philosopher, one who can command everyone’s attention. “Si te das cuenta a tiempo nunca es tarde” is a classic underground hip hop album and a testament to Ofe E.’s continuing social commitment.


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