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New RedeMption: “ONLY FOR PLEASURE” – a strong flavor of old-school classic rock!

New RedeMption is a rock band from the province of Bolzano (Northern Italy), that has been active since 2004. During the years the band had numerous gigs, but events of notable importance have been the final stages of Sanremo Rock 2007 and the Schools’out 2006 in Bolzano. In 2004 the band released its first demo, entitled, “Morning Star” containing 4 original songs and then finally in March 2009 they dropped their debut album, “Wrong Way” containing 12 original songs.  In 2013 they released a new song entitled “Turn Off The TV”.

The current lineup of New RedeMption consists of Vocals – Michele Monese, Drums – Fabrizio Grasso, Guitar – Simon Lorenzin, Bass – Saro Scaggiante and Guitar – Alex Rosselli. The band’s latest 2015 digital single and official music video “ONLY FOR PLEASURE” has just been released a couple of month’s back.

Singer - Michele Monese
Singer – Michele Monese

Not much I can say that hasn’t been said, but the moment I heard “ONLY FOR PLEASURE” and the sludgy guitar kicked in, I was hooked. Great lyrics, great way to slowly bring in the vocals and the chemistry between everyone in the band is absolutely there. The track is almost pop-music in its songwriting approach, with emphasis on big, throbbing hooks, sharp production, and melodic execution.

After one listen to this song, few would doubt the songwriting and playing abilities of New RedeMption, as the track gives way to its pure adrenaline soaked rock stomp.  It’s loud, it’s quiet in places, it’s catchy, and it’s just brilliant, with a strong flavor of old-school classic rock.

“ONLY FOR PLEASURE” stands far above anything New RedeMption made in the past in my opinion, it’s like it’s from a completely different band, a band who can make much more out of a couple of notes. It’s that intelligence that lets the song rise above a certain level. It’s that something special that makes the song more than your average riff followed by a hook. It’s that aspect which is lost in many modern rock recordings; it’s that small but important factor that makes the big difference between a song just being ‘okay’ and being ‘great’.

On listening to this I was instantly time-warped back to the mid-to-late nineties; to the times when guitar-driven riffs were kings of the airwaves; when talented songwriting and blinding hooks were more than abundant; when American Idol and The X-Factor never existed. I was brought back to a time of great music that I thought was buried far too deep to recover, far too lost to be found, and so forgotten that I seemed like one of the only musically-sane people left on the planet earth.  New RedeMption gives me new hope for the good old rock times!


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