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NazB: ‘Hammer (Higher)’ Celebrates the Spirit of Life and Inspires People to go “Higher”

“We are thrilled to announce that your favorite hip hop hero NazB has already come up with his latest album Hammer which is has had a comprehensive online release on Aug 15th. You will be able to enjoy it from iTunes and all the other internet stores,” stated NazB’s media personnel.

Originally from Nigeria, NazB hails from a musical family who left his home at 18 to make his mark in music. The years that followed, saw the young teen evolving steadily into a star rapper through a struggling yet enriched musical odyssey.

Presently settled in Zurich, the hip hop singer follows a unique style of African inspired RnB & hip hop, his compositions are revered as profound, witty, talking about hardships, social issues and philosophy of life.
NazB’s latest video Hammer (Higher) celebrates the spirit of life and inspires people to go “Higher”.
Now we’re getting higher… higher..,” the song unfolds showing NazB jogging along the beaches, roads and city landscapes in full vigor.

“The new album Hammer is all about taking up on life’s challenges with confidence and to move on with great pace and high spirit. It says that there’s nobody to follow and you have to go solo on the journey of your life-where moving on & getting higher is the main maxim,” explained the singer’s manager while speaking on the theme of the new video.

More About NazB:

As a child growing up in Nigeria, NazB was surrounded by the music of his native West African homeland. With members of his immediate and extended family playing instruments and singing, music was a part of his upbringing.

His persistence and perseverance eventually gained him the nickname Nazodobas, which eventually evolved into NazB and became his rapper alias, in his early teens, he began performing at local clubs and slowly building a loyal audience.

He made the tough decision at 18 to leave home and make a musical name for himself outside of his home country. NazB hit the road and eventually lived among the street life of Mali, The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Surinam and Brazil.

The independence and growing musical confidence he found on the road were tempered with the hard life and hardships of making it on his own. NazB always knew within that his talent and his musical vision were destined for far better things. His struggle and his travels together forged his style and sound.

“The many places I’ve been have influenced me,” he says. “It all sounds different – you can hear different flavors and elements within my music.”


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