Monday Justice: “Dance and Fall In Love” has an infectious quality to all of it

Monday Justice is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He has released a new single “Dance and Fall In Love” from his forthcoming album “Monday.” As a successful pop rock artist, Monday Justice has a natural sense for creating original melodies. The album, “Monday”, represents a variety of classic and contemporary musical influences.

“Dance and Fall In Love” is an absolutely phenomenal pop single – the perfect mix of catchy, upbeat, and clever. This is one fun and wonderful song as Monday Justice’s ability to update a kind of pop doo-wop sound accompanied by contemporary edge and empowering lyrics are quite simply magical. There’s an infectious quality to all of it.

Monday Justice
Monday Justice

Monday Justice has a pretty authentic feel to him. He writes songs that are full of quality and if you listen closely enough you will discover how much musicality there is in each song. And while the infectious catchiness of his music (both the lyrics and the beat) on “Dance and Fall In Love” will appeal to the masses, he doesn’t just have a good hook, but is actually a very talented all-round artist. Monday Justice isn’t one of those radio pop autotuned guys, he’s a true singer.

Not only does he have a good voice, but he delivers a song that will get stuck in your head after the first few bars. You can tell from the melody and lyrics that Monday Justice was in an optimistic mood when recorded this song, as “Dance and Fall In Love” will uplift and make you smile.  There is an energy and positive feeling present throughout its entirety. The music itself puts you in a mood in which you feel alive, productive, and ready for whatever life will through at you next. Likewise, the beauty of Monday Justice’s voice and the lyrics match the mood that the instrumental creates.

If you’re looking for a new song and artist who has clean lyrics, clean messages, and showcases the simple yet beautiful moments in life, I encourage you to indulge in “Dance and Fall In Love”. And with a beat that will make you want to dance around the room, you can’t help but love it. It’s addicting!


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