Model Human: “You Can Be Anything” – musical genius meets youthful playfulness!

New Orleans, Louisiana natives Timothy Trepagnier and Christopher Senac, who form the progressive folk jazz guitar duo Model Human, explore a wide range of acoustic guitar soundscapes. After meeting at a summer camp for artistically talented children when they were only 6 years old, Timothy and Christopher immediately formed a musical bond that not only blossomed into a prosperous creative relationship, but also a beautiful friendship.

In 2005, they were displaced by Hurricane Katrina and yet despite this setback, continued to grow as people and musicians. In 2013, Model Human independently recorded and released their debut EP “Conversion”. Currently, Model Human has released the album, “You Can Be Anything”, which will soon be available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby.

model-human-400The duo have put the album into the “Kids-Grownups Crossover” genre, while Cameron Crowe described the album as: “Thematically, it invokes inspirational themes of childhood nostalgia and the dawn of one’s life and relationship with the World; a thematic prequel, if you will, to Dark Side of the Moon’s more contemplative & somber themes of the passage of time, descent into madness, and the nature of conflict. It’s a fun listen!”

Personally, I still haven’t quite made up my mind what to make of it yet thematically, suffice to say that “You Can Be Anything” sounds like various versions of Captain Beefheart performing nursery rhymes. Or rather, a similar effect to when musical genius meets youthful playfulness!

If you’re looking to have fun and enrich your children, this album won’t fail. From “Old McDonald (Had a Farm)” to “Quinn the Eskimo” or “Dayo ( The Banana Boat Song)” and “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”, Model Human deliver an excellent collection of quality musical interpretations for kids and grown-ups of all ages!

Many of these wonderful singable songs are children’s classics, but I’m pretty sure that adults will find themselves singing along too. Moreover, I think that “You Can Be Anything”, will revolutionize the way artists approach children’s music. It will stand as a benchmark to compare all other children’s music against, both in its concept and performance.

Many of the songs on this album are very accessible, but the apparent simplicity is deceptive. Model Human is strong on arrangements. My absolute favorite in this respect being “Old McDonald (Had a Farm)”.

Managing to be exquisitely tuneful and quaintly surreal, while sacrificing none of their ‘serious’ musical qualities is a pretty unique achievement. Despite the catchiness and the ‘children’s music’ nametag, “You Can Be Anything” is no less adventurous, refreshing and experimental than your average progressive folk or rock album.

The rhythms are almost buoyant; keeping this is an incredibly happy and uplifting album. Whether or not Model Human have succeeded (or even attempted) to make the children’s equivalent of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” as described by Cameron Crowe, may still be up for debate. One thing is certain though, “You Can Be Anything” is possibly one of the best attempts at combining children’s music with unique artistic interpretations, masterful performances and joyful listenability…ever!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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