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Mizz Caramel blends soul, passion, and just raw realness

Hailing from West London, UK, Mizz Caramel is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of R&B. Her sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy releases, uplifting melodies, and heartfelt vocal performances. Songs such as “Feel this way” and “Sweet Talk” (featuring Jesta) are a great taste of Mizz Caramel’s talent and personality.

Mizz Caramel
Mizz Caramel

Being an underground artist has its ups and downs. The downs are more obvious, with limited record sales, less mainstream promotion, and little to no radio or video airplay. But then there are the ups of having a small room full of people that love and appreciate your work for what it is. There’s also the constant hustle and eagerness to eventually get to the mountain top. Something Mizz Caramel is working her grind to achieve.

She knows how to stay in her lane and make her music better through variation. Mizz Caramel can rock slow and fast songs, and still stay strong in her vocals and complement the beats. The content of her songs are relevant and illustrates the singer’s self-reflection of love, sex, and freedom. Subjects she tackles with fervor, like on the sensual and erotic and “Make it feel good”. Mizz Caramel let’s her hair down on this track and may even have you blushing…with embarrassment or downright envy! The mixture of smooth soulful music and the pure sexuality of the lyrics is a powerful combination.

Mizz Caramel takes you on a journey of emotions with her catalog of songs. And if it’s love you want, then listen to “Like That” featuring Crushi. You can listen to this song and relate to everything that she is saying and be drawn in by the melodic music that is just as beautiful as her voice.

mizz-caramel-200It’s clear that the slower the song, the better Mizz Caramel fits it. “Feel This Way” is another example of how it seems like she really is trying to take her time while making love to your emotions. In essence, she symbolizes a piece of everyone’s heart and everyone’s truth.

Most of Mizz Caramel’s songs here, deal with relationships and interpersonal encounters. So it’s sex vs. lust vs. love and all the heartache and ecstasy in-between. She puts all her feelings out there and you can relate to all she’s going through and the daily hustle of a regular love life.

Captivating, is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Mizz Caramel’s songs. Starting from the very first track, it’s just so smooth and melodic all the way through. Mizz Caramel’s blends soul, passion, and just raw realness. I figure that the next step should be some real hot beats and an EP or album release with a super solid production.







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