Mirad Musick: “Living Wrong” engulfs you, making you feel a part of the story

Produce, Artist and Actor, Mirad Musick, an Art Administration student at Georgia State University, has released the track “Living Wrong” (Prod.ShadDidUMakeThis). I came across Mirad a short while ago when I review one of his other releases. I was really impressed with his presence and control over the various beats. While his peers are making cookie cutter, mainstream knock-offs Mirad Musick goes deeper in his lyrics, while still connecting to the streets.

Mirad Musick
Mirad Musick

Mirad Musick is one of the very few new rappers out there that knows how to tell compelling stories. He is only 21, but this is a real man that has something to say about the world and his experiences. Mirad does it in such a clever fashion that it is undeniable that this young MC understands the world in a much broader sense than your regular student. The title says it all, but if you listen carefully to the track from beginning to end, you kind of see the picture that he is trying to portray.

The thing that makes “Living Wrong” so great is because it is one of those songs that are exactly what hip hop should be about. Nowadays you see rappers rapping about fluff. Rap music has become so stale, but its tracks like this that is keeping it alive. Mirad Musick is one of those unique artists that is able to talk to the people and send a message about society in his verses.

Mirad is full of emotion, and he expresses it through some awesome lyrics in “Living Wrong”. His melodies mixed with his flow and swag when he raps, is second to none. His verses engulf you, and make you feel a part of the story. He is tight, he is young, ambitious, and hungry. Put together with ShadDidUMakeThis’ production, that stirs up for great music!


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