Los Ciegos Del Barrio: “Mama Used To Say” an all-engulfing Salsa rhythm ready to sweep you off your feet

‘Los Ciegos Del Barrio’ is a multi-genre, all blind, Latin music group from New York City who play Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Bolero, Reggaeton and Rock, in both the English and Spanish languages. The band’s name translates to ‘The Blind Boys From The Hood’Los Ciegos Del Barrio has played around the Northeast of the United States, Texas, Wisconsin, as well as abroad in Russia, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio have been active since 1997 and have released a demo, 2 singles, 3 studio albums and 1 live album. The band consists of members Alvin Suarez (Director, percussion, drums, guitar, vocal) – Derek Suarez (Keyboard, bass, vocal) – Machete (Keyboard, accordion, harmonica, penny whistle, vocal) – Jimmy Fontanez (Drums, percussion, vocal) and Jaime Diaz (Bass, guitar. Other supporting musicians include Tony Jimenez, Domingo Pascual and Angel Dueño.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio
Los Ciegos Del Barrio

Los Ciegos Del Barrio released their latest single “Mama Used To Say” in May 2015. The track is a remake of the 1982 debut release, and hit single, by British singer-songwriter Junior Giscombe and co-writer Bob Carter. The single was also a Top5 R&B hit in the USA and won Junior the ‘Best Newcomer’ from Billboard magazine. In 2011 Beverley Knight covered the song, which was released as a single, as well as being included on her album “Cuddly Toy”. Now in 2015, Los Ciegos Del Barrio show no fear of flying high, and release their own version of this mega-hit.

And quite frankly the Los Ciegos Del Barrio version has a whole new flavor made up of swinging Latino rhythms, funky horns and voluptuous harmonies. Fun, fun, and more fun! I’d never heard of this group previously, but they have an absolutely fantastic version of this song! They deliver good music that will stir the Latin in anyone, whether you’re Latin or not, it will put some sizzle in your heart. Every so often an artist or group comes along that redefines how a song could be played, and Los Ciegos Del Barrio achieves that with “Mama Used To Say”. They switch the funky soul energy of the original version, into a spicy, all-engulfing Salsa rhythm ready to sweep you off your feet.

I don’t want to add any more hype or over hype the track and add an incredible amount of expectation to anyone who might reads this, but in all reality when you take a close listen to the arrangement, the instrumental performances, the vocals and the easy-going production with which the single is put together, you will agree that Los Ciegos Del Barrio did a truly great job here!


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