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Los Angeles Rapper CALI, Approaches Music From a Limitless Perspective

From Los Angeles, California, Cali is a genuine, charismatic and direct hip-hop artist who set out to create music with an honest and eclectic approach, influenced by the lyrical geniuses and acclaimed performers of the West Coast scene.

Josue Flores, also known as Cali, is an American rapper of Latin American descent. Most of his lyrics focus on the urban culture of his city but also on global issues such as poverty, class, religion, and government. Being involved in music by his family at an early age he began to look for his own avenue of expression. Hip hop music became that avenue.

As you can tell by his musical catalog, Cali’s style is aimed at the younger crowd. So as you would expect, his songs are meant to rock the party and club scene. The impressive thing is that Cali has developed a good flow, and with the beats provided on his tracks, you can hear how well he rides them.

Cali is instantly recognizable. The Los Angeles artist approaches music from a limitless perspective. He can go hard over a verse with the best of them, but he can also craft anthemic choruses. As soon as you hear his tracks, you’ll know its Cali.

Cali’s biggest and best chapter will soon be initiated with the release of his upcoming mixtape.







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