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Kojo: “Queen Inna Di Ghetto” Takes Listeners into a World of Musical Flavor

Queen Inna Di Ghetto” takes its’ listeners into a world of musical flavor. Great flavor has to have a lot of spice and Kojo definitely demonstrated how he can let off steam. The track will appeal to a lot of musical tastes.

There have been lots of songs going to number one in its first week of release, purely due to hype, but this track definitely isn’t one of them. It’s one of these songs that is so catchy and danceable, with an uplifting spirit that it deserves to reach number one!

I first heard Kojo on “I’d like to Know” back in 2010, I think it was, and immediately fell in love with his voice and style. On “Queen Inna Di Ghetto” he jacks up his energy even further and incorporates a variety of music styles into the track. The lyrics are actually understandable, meaningful and positive towards his woman, which is an achievement in current urban music where derogatory lyrics are the order of the day!

No doubt, Kojo comes back strong with this song, which is already doing the rounds on many local and internet radio stations. He has a unique voice and his music is fun and entertaining. Furthermore “Queen Inna Di Ghetto” is real easy to dance and sing-along to. What else could you ask for to lift your spirits?

ABOUT KOJOSOUND aka KOJO: Born in Trinidad, Kojo started his singing career with childhood friends he grew up with in his hometown, St Anns. They formed the boy band New Creation and went on to appear on Trinidadian TV talent show Party Time. The band became an overnight sensation with it’s a capella versions of Boys II Men classics like End Of The Road and So Hard To Say Goodbye.

New Creation also secured a place in Trinidad and Tobago’s history as one of the country’s best known pop groups to have toured and received international recognition, making Kojo well-known to the public. However due to the death of a band member, the group disbanded, with Kojo migrating first to New York and then to London.

On moving to London, Kojo focused on working his way up in the recording industry, mainly in A&R and managerial positions. Purely by accident, an old demo recording of his landed in the hands of Dee Leng, Head of A&R at JetstarLeng encouraged Kojo to start writing again and introduced him to reggae producers to formalize his new sound – a brilliant mix of R&B, reggae and soca music.

This led to Kojo’s collaboration with Livingstone Brown which resulted resulted in the release of the catchy single “Queen Inna Di Ghetto”, also available on the mixtape “FAHRENHEIT”.


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