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K3vin Envoy’s Making Music and Rattling Cages in the EDM World

New York – K3vin Envoy releases three melodic hard hitting original albums called Skin Deep, Love Has No Language and Playground.  Since the trilogy’s debut on iTunes in late 2013, the albums have propelled K3vin Envoy’s name into the spotlight and ignited a global phenomenon around his infectious releases.  There’s no doubt Envoy is making noise and rattling cages in the EDM world.  Everyone wants to claim a piece of the “Envoy sound”.  He’s talented and unique sound has been coveted by others once listening to Love Has No Language, the tone from the beginning presenting fragments of the Gregorian influence with “#Like” and Jazz in “Little Red Dress”.  Genius classical movements, synth pop and electro dance in Playground come together in “Wut Makes U Tik” and make K3vin Envoy a main stage sound being sought after in over 60 countries and becoming an international sensation.  His studio output has never been more creative. Skin Deep brings his refreshing sound that is characterized by complex synths of “1 Want, 1 Wish” to the emotive chords of “Faceless Entities”.  K3vin Envoy has created the ultimate recipe for “Electronic Dance Music” with these three bangin’ albums, Skin Deep, Love has No Language and Playground.

K3vin Envoy’s momentum led him away from becoming a singular remix DJ with his previous library of albums.  At the end of 2013, there was a pause and a redirection for K3vin Envoy to produce original tracks.  As a remix artist, K3vin Envoy’s tracks were extraordinary; as a producer, he’s unstoppable with foot stompin’ albums, Skin Deep, Love Has No Language and Playground. The new sound imprint is gaining international momentum and is producing a buzz, one has to wonder, “What it’s all about?”  It’s about the music and the fans and what they want to hear and right now, they’re listening to K3vin Envoy.  So, Envoy’s stepping up the “EDM Bar” with heart felt music trends that listeners want to hear.  K3vin Envoy’s success and a new generation of listeners is what his Record Label is all about, celebrating great music output.


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