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JR: “The Dark Room” is catchy and will pursue you wherever you go!

JR is an up and coming Hip-Hop/Reggaeton rapper, producer, and songwriter currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up the son of an R&B/Hip-hop artist (Marquis Canaan), JR naturally gravitated towards music at the age of 16, under the tutelage of his father. “I want to reach the whole world with my music; my dream is to be one of the greatest ever”, says JR. After releasing the mixtape, titled “The Rundown”, JR has released his first two EP’s titled, “El Amor Quebrado” and “The Dark Room”. Both projects were written, produced and performed by JR.

“The Dark Room” is JR’s first English-language EP. This is JR’s heart and soul in a set of 4 mp3’s on my hard drive. You can tell the amount of time, care and skill went into crafting these songs. His choice of themes, range of emotions and lyrics, power a deep journey into the mind of the man behind the mic. His lyrics are raw, his flow is smooth, and he changes speeds and tones with ease.

JR-CoverJR holds his own in a saturated crop of new rappers. Every single beat on this EP is catchy and will pursue you wherever you go. There seems to be no way to escape these beats and force them out of your head, and quite frankly, they are so good you will be pleased that they leave such a lasting impression. The beats do great justice to the EP because they allow it to transcend stereotypes and break barriers.

“The Dark Room” has everything a good hip hop record needs; top notch production, sincerity, and most importantly, the EP is cohesive. This, to me, is JR’s heavy hitter. This record is his juggernaut. It’s got a deep, dense bass sound throughout the EP. The lyrics are personal observations of the society we live in. Catchy hooks, JR’s signature voice and flow are all presented here to the listener. You can sit and listen to this EP, and get a better understanding of the life JR leads. “Do What I’m Askin,” “Love Women” and “Convertible” are my favorites. I turn the bass all the way up when I play this record.

Throughout “The Dark Room”, the L.A. MC’s flow is agile and wordy. He performs like a rising icon in hip-hop culture and his music is very powerful. He makes real songs about his life and about those around him. The most important part I feel about this EP is JR doesn’t step away from what he’s been doing in the game up until now. But rather, he shows that he has grown as a bilingual artist and is ready to take on the world. From top to bottom, “The Dark Room” was put together thoughtfully. Without a doubt, JR is definitely in his zone here!


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