Jon Conover: “Keep Believing (Nashville Sessions) EP” – the work of an assured, mature artist!

Jon Conover has performed all over the United States and Ireland, done countless radio interviews in the States, Europe and Australia and entertains at over 200 shows a year. More recently, Conover has been performing at top venues in Nashville and will be the featured artist with a Full Band Show at the world famous Bluebird Café in Nashville on Sunday March 1st.

Recorded at Reba McEntire’s Starstruck Studios with top industry musicians and Grammy-winning mastering engineers, Jon Conover just released his latest effort; Keep Believing “Nashville Sessions” EP and the music video for his song “Keep Believing.”

Jon Conover
Jon Conover

The Keep Believing (Nashville Sessions) EP has a definite feel of singer-songwriter about it. Even though there is some lovely support work from a band of first-class musicians, the real impact is from Jon Conover’s fine singing and acoustic guitar work. Conover creates lovely sing-able melodies with excellent arrangements, solid production, and a variety of gentle tones to a full-driven Americana-Country band sound as forged on “Ordinary Lies”. It is certainly poignant and touching too, as on “Counterfeit Soul” and then again, uplifting and inspirational, with the track “Keep Believing”.

What makes the Keep Believing (Nashville Sessions) EP quite exceptionally good, though, is Jon Conover’s lyrics. He tells stories and conjures emotional states with exceptional depth and it gives the songs real impact. This is at its simplest and most eloquent manner in the title track, “Keep Believing”, a stunning up-tempo song about a struggling musician making ends meet. There are a lot of great lines in it, like: “Count your blessings don’t worry them away, When life quits giving and starts taking what you saved. Old nostalgia can be the gatehouse to the grave, If you lose your path don’t get blinded by the shame. I hear your voice softly, and honestly keep believing. I have a choice simply, sincerely keep believing.” I think it’s a remarkable song, and Conover brings a similar level of thoughtfulness and honesty to all of the songs on this EP.

The quality barometer does not drop throughout the 3 tracks that make up the Keep Believing (Nashville Sessions). This is clearly the work of an assured, mature artist who is comfortable with what he is saying and how he is saying it. This difference is even apparent in Conover’s singing voice, which has a timbre and a confidence associated more often than not, with seasoned professionals. If you are a fan of Alt/Country, Americana, folk etc…well to be really honest if you are a fan of music, then this is a must buy.

It is always a joy to discover new music of this quality, and I will certainly be listening to Jon Conover’s back-catalogue very soon. For now, I’m listening to Keep Believing (Nashville Sessions) EP repeatedly and getting more out of it each time. I’d recommend this very warmly to anyone who likes beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent songs, sung in the most magnificent way.

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