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Jehry Robinson: “Coffee Beans” – the roots musical sensibility is astute and charming

Heavily influenced by 90’s hip hop & reggae beats Jehry Robinson would lock himself in his parent’s basement for hours writing and recording his own versions of popular songs. By 2010 Jehry had dropped out in his third year of college to pursue his passion full time. Finding shelter in a nearby recording studio, where they allowed him to stay there rent free while recording his first project. Jehry quickly began to make a name for himself throughout New York, performing alongside artists such as: Tyga, Shwayze, We The Kings & Slick Rick, eventually signing his first record deal as a writer/feature artist with Platinum-selling producer Jason Nevins in 2011.

Jehry Robinson
Jehry Robinson

Jehry also did some work with Rock & Roll icon Dee Snider of Twisted Sister which can be heard in the OFFICIAL TV trailer for “THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: Sponge Out Of Water”. As we await the soon to be released brand new EP by Jehry Robinson, we can in the meantime savor his single, “Coffee Beans”, which is available as a FREE download.

If the purpose of art is to stir the emotions, then the reggae-induced “Coffee Beans” is art of the highest caliber. From melancholy to hopeful and points in between, it moves you without seeming contrived to do so. If you don’t get occasional goose bumps while listening to some of these verses, you may need to check your pulse. Jehry’s voice is rugged and raw, yet as clear and clean as a whistle, as his vocals carry the torch on top of a stripped down backing.

On “Coffee Beans”, Jehry shows that he has the quality and dexterity to deliver magical vocal performances which lends itself beautifully to the reggae genre. His roots musical sensibility is astute and charming, while the genius of the recording lies in the sparse rhythmic arrangement and Jehry’s ability to ride the swells and sways with seemingly effortless phrasing and captivating harmonies. In fact it is Jehry Robinson’s voice that anchors the project throughout. His singing is at times delicate, yet grounded in an undeniable earthiness.

To understand exactly where Jehry Robinson is going with his music, we’ll need to wait for the release of the new EP, but if this track is anything to go by we’ll have an utterly addictive and inspired recording on our hands!


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