Jan Robert Muller: “Forking Ways Original Soundtrack” has great moments!

It’s true that I haven’t seen the movie and I can’t comment on how the score enhances the film. However, listening to this excerpt from Forking Ways Original Soundtrack is an absolute joy. It’s dark at times, whimsical at others, lush and beautiful in spots and downright creepy in other moments. And this all in the short space of the 6 minutes I heard while watching the trailer for the movie.

forking-ways-350The spectrum is run from one end to the other as Jan Robert Muller summarizes the glorious variety of suspense/thriller soundtracks found in other blockbuster movies of the same genres. To be honest, the film is categorized under ‘drama’, but the soundtrack and film synopsis, leads me to believe that there is something a bit more suspenseful in there somewhere! The film synopsis reads: “A short film that looks at the lives of two individuals and their reality in a Multiverse. The film is based on current scientific String Theory and Einstein’s Relativity.”

The instrumentation is very interesting with some unexpectedly glorious horn work in the opening passages. This is not a predictable score and if you’re a fan of suspense/thriller/horror or even those epic fantasy movie soundtracks, this is a must-have.  I think this particular work captures thematically what the movie promises to handle visually. It is the goal of all film composers to achieve this, but sometimes they aren’t so successful at it.

Jan Robert Muller simply has some great movements here in this score and he does it so well that if there never was a “Forking Ways” movie, the score could stand on its own to tell the story.

Jan Robert Muller incorporates some really nice storybook musical devices here. Mysterious chimes, slow-building rhythms, scenic build-ups and break-downs, sinister underlying choral themes that creep up from under all the horns and some really darting, emotional strings that you know will suck the the eyeballs out of your head at the theater!

Though delicate and smooth, in places, the Forking Ways Original Soundtrack has some pretty thunderous orchestral power behind it too.


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