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Jade Elizabeth Taylor Lovingly and Passionately Crafts Songs Into Works of Art

Jade Elizabeth Taylor started to record “Shades of Jade” in 2006 at Ridgetop Studios with Keith Greeninger. But that’s only the beginning of the story, as Jade herself recalls:  “Life had other plans; I developed adult-onset allergies and lost my voice. I got weekly allergy shots and in 2010 after my voice returned I flew to Dallas and spent one of the best weekends of my life with Tom Prasada-Rao creating the base tracks for songs that I had written myself. Andy Zenczak from Gadgetbox in Santa Cruz has made my lifelong dream a reality.” 

“Shades of Jade” is now available and so is “A Taste of Things To Come” that she performed with talented piano player John R. Burr. In March 2011 Jade was diagnosed with full-blown diabetes and in less than 8 months she completely reversed it with diet and exercise. She says: “I feel as if my life is just beginning and to quote from a blues song I am currently writing, “Buckle up, baby, we are in for a bumpy ride!”

We ran into a bunch of videos by Jade Elizabeth Taylor on YouTube recently.Her selection of songs reminds me of listening to great live music in a New Orleans jazz club, where the room is cool and seductive. The lady is an amazing artist; her voice is pure and filled with emotions.

When she sings you really listen, and you listen closely, too, because she gives one heck of a performance. Jade infuses each of her songs with a great deal of emotion; just one listen proves it. She writes beautifully, too; the songs on “Shades of Jade” are lovingly and passionately crafted to become works of art and then performed faultlessly.

I listen to a lot of music. Music of all kinds, all genres and all types, but this is hands down one of the best, most beautiful collections of songs I have heard in a long time, regardless of genre. Her songs are deep, intimate and personal…yet she has this incredible knack of sounding like she is singing each song just for you.

It is hard to pick the best of the bunch, because they are all total artistic gems, from conception to execution. Both Jade Elizabeth Taylor and her backing band deliver performances of the highest standard. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that “Little King” (my absolute favorite) and “Be With You” made more than just the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, even though it’s “Kindness” that has the majority of views on YouTube.

No matter what Jade sings about, I keep hearing one central theme at the back of my head; these are songs of love – a joy of love so intense it evokes the remembrance of loved ones in many of her works. Hers is music in its most pure form, whether she is in a studio recording or she is singing live, Jade’s voice comes through with uncanny accuracy.

“Shades of Jade” is an exceptional mix of soulful and reflective tunes that can both raise your spirits and comfort your worries, an ensemble of songs with a gamut of emotions that is rarely conveyed in modern music. I sincerely hope she’ll be doing another album!

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