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Inconnu Crew – No swagger, fast cars and designer socks; just pure hip hop at its finest!

Inconnu Crew is a music group from Copenhagen in Denmark, consisting of 3 members, two rappers and a producer. They produce a mix of Hip hop, Trap and Modern R&B. The Crew say they are trying to be innovative, but with inspiration from major artists like Drake, PnD, Schoolboy Q, G-Eazy and Kendrick Lamar. We caught up with a few tracks released by Inconnu Crew recently.

Inconnu Crew is one of the strongest MC crews coming from the Nordic countries I’ve heard in a while. Their tracks are incredible top to bottom, the production is a variety of hard beats to mellow laid back music. Their voices takes no time to get accustomed to, I have to admit that I was impressed with the easy-going delivery on some of the songs.

inconnu-crew-350If you are a just getting into Inconnu Crew now, then songs like “Don’t Worry”, “No Sense” and “Tumblr Girl” is a perfect start. I will say that these songs are admittedly mellow and slow-paced, which is why it will take you a while to fully appreciate the tone of their style. Inconnu Crew is never loud and in your face…even when they’re explicit, as on “Green Bucks”. Regardless, the lyrics and subject matter is undeniably great, thought provoking and hard.

Deep, insightful, great delivery of character and the Crew’s work ethic, is evident on these projects. Inconnu Crew’s style is best described as a fluctuation of mellow stoicism, rather than all-out aggression, depending on what they’re rapping about. The beats that Inconnu Crew’s lyrics are paired with, are normally slow and occasionally falling below 60 bpm, but it suits their style well and it’s cleverly supplemented with evocative sounds and rhymes. Their songs deliver both sonically and lyrically.

There are very few MC’s from this generation that stay true to the art of rap. Most artists gain buzz based off their appearance and antics more so than their actual music. As far as I can see for now, Inconnu Crew don’t relish in swagger, fast cars and designer socks; just pure hip hop at its finest. Keep your eyes out for these dudes in the next few years, they could be really major.


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