iakopo: “Supernatural” – be moved and grooved by impassioned vocals and killer choruses!

Listening to “Supernatural” by iakopo makes me wistful for the days when razor-sharp, super tight rhythm sections, wonderful harmonies, colorful lyrics and good melodies were standard fare in Jamaican music. Sadly, automation and dancehall simplicity have eaten the music. Here, Producer Gramps Morgan DadaSonEnt is firing on all cylinders with the production and has put a fine gloss on iakopo’s diamond, and brings back everything that makes this genre so attractive

The single cover
The single cover

The fun starts with the powerful intro and never really lets up from there on forward. iakopo’s melodic voice keeps the track at a fierce boil threatening to incinerate any unattended iPod.  He is truly on his A game with the vocals. The music, while reggae, has strong soul, pop and rock overtones and the vocal harmonization is perhaps the best on any current reggae record of which I know. It is subtly seductive and instantly relaxing.

If you love to be moved and grooved, you will enjoy “Supernatural’s” impassioned vocals and killer choruses. On the other hand If your appreciation of music is more technical, you will be inspired by the musicianship in its blend of reggae and rock with soul and pop. The track is a remarkable piece, extending traditional reggae into very dynamic grooves.

A beautiful melody, strong roots rhythms, a masterful musical arrangement as well as superb musicianship and production are all wrapped up in a powerful love song by iakopo. “Supernatural” is a “must have” for anyone who appreciates great feel-good music, regardless of its genre.


MORE ABOUT – Born in California, raised in Samoa, Iakopo has been on the Billboard charts, and his songs are currently been played in power rotation on major radio stations worldwide. He is one of the world’s hottest new reggae artists. His unique but warm and powerful voice catches the listener’s hearts and doesn’t let it go. His first encounter with music started at age 3. His mother who was a piano teacher was the beginning of everything that happened next.

When he got his hands on the guitar at age 13, he joined a reggae band. He sang hit songs that he arranged in reggae style, and around this time, he started performances in clubs, thus widening his music performances. Since then he moved from California to Samoa, Hawaii, Japan, and has been island-hopping from place to place and spreading his unique mix and style of Reggae-Rock.

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