Hugó: UNKrowned K.I.N.G. – strives for lyrical dominance in the game

Hugó born Kevin Huggins is a Hip Hop/Soca artist from Hartford, Connecticut. Music has always been a part of Hugó’s life, where he participated in Middle School and High School choirs, and even attending Bay State College, majoring in Entertainment Management where he hosted shows, was part of stage crews, and learned about the business side of the industry.

Hugó has been recording seriously since spring 2012.He recently released his debut mixtape entitled UNKrowned K.I.N.G., in which Hugó discusses his outlook on his past, present, and future; as well as life in general. Currently Hugó is working on his next project as well as building his brand as not only an artist but as an actor, businessman and model.


It’s not easy to find quality hip hop these days that has wide appeal, but by some miracle, Hugó has been able to breach that barrier. He has been on his grind, and it looks like it’s about to pay off with his debut UNKrowned K.I.N.G. Hugó strives for lyrical dominance in the game. Then he backs that up with solid, organic and soulful sounding beats dipped into jazzy flavors. The man has something to say, and he’s trying to say it in the best possible way.

Hugó is not afraid to expose himself and tell his story as it really is. Much of his appeal comes from his songs being so down to earth and easy to relate to. Sometimes he gets down, dirty and real explicit too, like on “Wet (Prod.Finale SNG)”. Other tracks of note include “Stamped Certified Crack (Prod.Emani)”, “2K14 Hippy Shit (Prod.Dre-1 Beats)”, “Self Analysis (Prod.Real Talk Inc)”, “Gonna Talk (Prod.KaCe The Producer)”, “Blowin O’z” and “Hugo Vibes”.

Hugó paints a vivid mural on the walls of your mind through each and every song. Although there is an abundance of deep material to enjoy, Hugó isn’t serious all the time. He shows love to the ladies, and has no trouble expressing it, though he always ends up getting lost in the sexual aspect of it.

Hugó manages to find himself a nice balance between storytelling, reflecting on serious topics, showing off for the ladies, and braggadocio rapping to make his debut work well. Overall, UNKrowned K.I.N.G is a solid product that comes from working his grind. Hugó is very easy to understand and easy to relate to. I’ll enjoy watching his progress to the top.


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