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Grammy Nominated Judy Pancoast Releases “The House on Christmas Street” 2014

 This year Judy has teamed up Emmy-Nominated Greg Adams.

Judy Pancoast

Judy Pancoast is a singer, songwriter and recording artist who radiates joy in her music.  This was evidenced by the 2011 Grammy Award nomination for Best Children’s Album for her CD, Weird Things Are Everywhere!

Judy makes music for kids all over the world whose parents value the innocence and joy of childhood. She calls it “Bubblegum Pop for Sweet Kids!”

Judy is also known among adult audiences for her infectious Christmas hit, “The House on Christmas Street,” which can be heard each Christmas season on radio stations across the country.  A search on www.youtube.com currently turns up nearly eight thousand videos of houses all over the world that feature the song in their animated lighting shows, including the acclaimed Holdman video, which currently has over two 200,000 views.

Judy Pancoast has also performed twice in concert at the request of President Clinton. She is also a regular at fundraisers for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation and Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Family Street Fair.  This year Judy has teamed up Greg Adams to create a new, up-tempo, feel-good song for the holidays, entitled “The House on Christmas Street”.

Greg Adams is an Emmy-nominated arranger / producer / musician who has worked with Elton John, Chicago, Huey Lewis, Tower Of Power, Bonnie Raitt, and Santana, as well as being a founding member of the legendary Tower of Power.

Greg Adams
Greg Adams

What do you do when your toddler or young kids are screaming to listen to their favorite cartoon theme songs for the umpteenth time but you want to listen to Christmas music? You compromise and get “The House on Christmas Street”. Like most who would be interested in this song, I expected a voice that was rich, warm and true; a voice able to capture the attention of the young and the not so young. In truth Judy Pancoast does more, she truly sparkles on this arrangement.

Together with Greg Adams’ spirited arrangement, Judy captures all of the excitement, anticipation, exuberance, and reverence that Christmas is about. When the melody goes where you might expect, it is beautiful and perfectly in tune. When the melody along with the harmonies and instrumentation, in places, are a surprise, they are breathtaking!

“The House on Christmas Street” is a Christmas song you’ll be proud to play before December and will still enjoy hearing after New Year’s Day; infectious, addictive, fresh and uplifting with respect for tradition and good old family values.

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