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Globetrotting Singer-songwriter Bigbangzoom: Just an Old Cat With An Acoustic Guitar!

In his own words Bigbangzoom aka Kristian Pedersen says: “I’m an old cat with my roots from New Orleans that enjoys songwriting, composing, recording and performing my original and mostly acoustic songs.” He is a self-taught musician from a musical family background, who has lived in several countries and has traveled extensively for the past 20 years. In that time he has also played in several bands in many countries.

In among those experiences Bigbangzoom has had the fortune to play with the “Tommy Dorsey Band” and perform on the mall in Washington DC as well as in a private session in the Halls of Congress.

BBZ says that his greatest achievement however, was playing for the troops while in a band in Kuwait called “The Human Shields”. They started playing just around the time of the US- Iraq War. They were composed of  between 5 to 7 musicians with a mix of nationalities from as many as 5 different countries.  They played gigs at various venues around the country from 2003 to 2006, but most importantly, had the privilege of entertaining the soldiers by playing at several of the military bases.

Currently living in Kuwait, BBZ is a geologist by day and spends his time rocking the underground clubs at night. The choice of ‘underground’ clubs is a forced one, as no public dancing or alcohol is allowed in Kuwait.

Though BBZ hasn’t officially released a full album yet, his Soundcloud profile has a substantial catalog of songs already. Listening to them, you certainly get the impression that BBZ can tell a story with his music, as he shares a little bit of his personality in each song.

Without compromising musical integrity, BBZ moves through a variety of styles, from Country to Folk, Pop and Rock-induced tunes. The common denominator is his Ovation-based, acoustic -driven rhythms.

There are two songs that are especially wonderful in BBZ’s set, “A Lot Like Me” and “Says The Mother To The Child”. Not only do these songs display great vocals, harmonies and melodies, but also showcases deep and meaningful lyrics.

Bigbangzoom does not reinvent the wheel or break any new ground with his music, but then he is not trying to! This is honest singer-songwriter material, belonging to an almost long lost art; where technology has replaced ‘soul’ and the beats have substituted ‘groove’. BBZ rather retains the old standards, which once upon a time, made music ‘real’ and ‘honest’.

BBZ is no spring chicken, and maybe this is his greatest songwriting ally. He has no need to scale the charts or pump a frivolous fan base. He just needs to bare his soul! So out the window go the gimmicks and superfluous dressings. BBZ’s music is bared to the bone –what you hear is what you get!

And in today’s music scenario, that my friends, is no mean feat!



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