Few Miles On: “Time In The Dirty South” – Fiery and Raw Southern Blues Groove!

Few Miles On is a group of veteran musicians – Randall Rittenberry on drums, Larry Alder on bass and Philip Hall on guitar – who performs a combination of blues-based favorites, along with their own original songs. Their music clearly reveals the influences of Motown, Chicago, Nashville and the Mississippi Delta. Few Miles On is riding high with their 12-track album “Time In The Dirty South”.

The album cover
The album cover

I’m a rocker for me it’s all about the guitar. This album has all the blues and rock guitar fundamentals in spades, nicely blended together. There ain’t no pop, it’s all about the blues. “Tupelo Blues” opens with a nice blistering guitar riff, raspy vocals and strong back beat. “Give It All Up” turns up the mood a bit but still rocks with a nice snappy beat, catchy blues riff and nice guitar solo. “Better Each Day” flows in sweetly from the previous track. It’s a nice slow ballad perfect for a rocking slow dance with your sweetie where the melodic vocals really shine with a nice slow searing solo in the middle.

“Where The Heck Is Friday”, has a nice funky bass driven beat with some great wah-wah guitar interludes wrapped up inside. “Slow Down” has a nice catchy melody you can’t help but sing along to and some smart and subtle fusion guitar work. But the best is still to come with high-flying standout tracks such as “Struck By Lightning”, “Flyin’ Down The Rails”, “Stompin’ Ground” and “You Know What I Like”, all filled with fire and harmony.

This whole collection is fiery and raw, the kind of sound that fueled the top rock albums of the seventies and had us all playing air guitar. There’s not a weak song in the bunch but the style mix, with a couple of softer songs, no doubt will have listeners thinking some tracks are better than others; nothing unusual there. The songwriting is top notch and the album is concise, not the rambling overload of songs you usually find on most current releases.

Few Miles On - Live!
Few Miles On – Live!

Gritty, frivolous, yet dark and mysterious, Few Miles On captures the mystique of the blues in their own unique way that you can fully understand and wholly appreciate. These three gentlemen know what cool and hot are, inside a song, and they crank it out on “Time In The Dirty South”.

There were blues-rock bands that rocked us way back when we were mere teens, cruising around with our libidos on overdrive. Few Miles On capture that same pure, white-hot, groovy blues-rock style, with an intensity that three-piece bands seem especially good at. Their fat, boogie-drenched sound is in sharp contrast to the pretentious direction that most bands of the genre explore now.  In fact Few Miles On has branded their Southern blues rock with a little Detroit funk thrown in, as – Southern Blues Groove!

Packed to the gills with a wide range of style and sound, “Time In The Dirty South” is a must have for anybody considering themselves dedicated fans of anything within the blues-rock genre.


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