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Eric Wall Thacker: “When You See Gabriel” – The songs are heartfelt, honest, and raw.

Texas Christian rocker, Eric Wall Thacker, has dropped his single, “I Still Fear Lightning” from his 9-track album “When You See Gabriel”. This is meant to be played loud and live! It is raw and fresh. It is an album of thoughtful and sentimental outlaw reflections, but it includes some songs that are on the rowdy side, too. The album really expresses his universal appeal. Like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings were: Eric Wall Thacker is a rock n’ roller just as much as he is a country singer.

Eric Wall Thacker
Eric Wall Thacker

Though nearly all of the songs on “When You See Gabriel” are as good as songs get, the high points are “Well”, “She Won’t Listen”, The Voice of My Soul”, “Give The Devil His Due” and “I Still Fear The Lightning”. Here Thacker goes back to the roots of rock n’ roll, country music and beyond.

Put simply, this album is better than anything else you’ll hear around now, as far as authentic Country is concerned. It is that good. The songs are heartfelt, honest, and raw. The writing is great, but Eric Wall Thacker’s performance is what is really incredible. It’s tough but tender, and you can listen and hear so many emotions expressed in his voice.

The album cover
The album cover

Another nice thing is the guitar work on this album, which I suspect is by Thacker himself. In fact voice and guitar, work very well in this package. If you want Nashville’s Country, you’ll love this. If, on the other hand, you like music, then this is your album too. It goes beyond country, beyond its rock and blues influences, too.

It is one of those albums that are for fans of music, regardless of genre. It is a well-crafted piece of art by an artist who fits into this genre like a glove. Unlike those up-and-coming pseudo-Country artists, who are actually pop artists out to make a fast buck on Country’s great economic comeback into the music scene.

On “When You See Gabriel”, the songs are strong, the arrangements are tight, and the sound is gutsy, warm and robust – all at the same time. I love the Eric Wall Thacker and the album, for a number of reasons: the voice; the musicians; the songs, but more than anything else it shows me that real country can still swing!


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