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    Molly Gower

    Elainee did make No 1. in reverbnation in the country charts for living doll, so even though she may not be known to all as yet to get into the UK main charts, I bet she would be in the top 10 with living doll if she was that well known now, as she has brilliant delivery and a clear voice with nice emotions, Elainee is different and her style different and that is all goods in my book. I vote Elainee has kept living doll at No 1 in 2012 as she did hit No 1 In reverbnation, same difference, and reverbnation is harder I feel then the main charts as many are top artists judging her and they mostly feel she is amazing with a great voice and style if you look at her feedback from artists on elainee.co.uk.
    I am a singer also and an Elainee fan, she makes me feel happy when I listen to her voice!

    Here is the reverbnation link and take a look at my site also http://www.molly.org.uk my music site.



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