Deewain: “U.N.I.” strives to blur the genre lines!

Dwain Johnson Caulker also known by his stage name Deewain is a 21 year old unsigned hiphop / RNB producer / Rapper and dancer from London. Deewain recently had an interview with ENVI Media on 01.01.2015 about the release of his mixtape UNI in which he said: “U.N.I, is a concept mixtape about me and a girl our stories and situations that go on at university and campus life in general.”


Deewain just doesn’t fit into any particular genre, but rather strives to blur the genre lines. His music makes the listener feel alive and confident. There is also an empathy with his music and I feel like he writes from empathy, as well as experience. The music is creative, edgy, and honest. With U.N.I., Deewain delivers a mixtape that is uniquely his and separates his sound from everyone else. There needs to be a huge wave of rappers like Deewain who come in and just flood the industry with real and creative music.

The beats range from psychedelic, laid-back, futuristic, inspirational, and motivational. His lyrics are about vulnerabilities and other human emotions and issues. Deewain makes hip-hop/rnb music but he also successfully blends soulful and spacey beats in here. It’s not the run of the mill rap that you hear every day. His music is great to just relax too.

I don’t know what it is about this guy. He’s so refreshing. If someone were to ask me if he had a great voice, I would say it’s good. However, if someone were to ask me if his voice was great for his music, I would say unequivocally, yes. His voice just works. It’s soothing and alluring at the same time, and coupled with his colorful lyrics and Brit accent, it makes for great listening. Both his quiet jams and his upbeat anthems are wonderful.

Hats off must go to the mixtape’s features too. VVN on “Enough Said” and “Next To You”, as well as Gabrielle Mason on “Be Without You” add some sultry and beautiful tones to U.N.I.

deewain-400bDeewain’s singing and rap style is very charismatic, his beats are sensational and the lyrics and subject matter are fabulous. The thing that is so unique about this record is that each song has a cool story behind it and the mixtape is telling the tales of the life, times and thoughts of Deewain. My favorite tracks, besides those with the features, include: “Only 1”, “Played Me (Other Side)”, “Head vs Heart”, “X” and “Ain’t Ready For Dee”.

This mixtape is a breath of fresh air and hopefully is a sign of a shift from the same tired rap and urban music that’s out there right now. U.N.I. stands head and shoulders over a wealth of underground stuff. Granted, this isn’t a straight rap or Hip hop album by usual standards, but it is full of great music. And that’s what matters most!






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