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DARKMOOD: Creepy, goose-bump inducing, and spooky, “The Dead of Fall” is definitely cinematic in style!

DARKMOOD is a dark ethereal music soundtrack project created by musician Steve D. Montgomery (SDM, Portrait Black, Widow’s Offering and Notic Reign). “The Dead of Fall” is DARKMOOD’s sophomore album, and declared by some, to be even better than his debut work.

Creepy, goose-bump inducing, and spooky, “The Dead of Fall” is definitely cinematic in style. Play it for the trick-or-treaters, or when you’re in a weird mood; meditate to it….supernatural, mysterious and spiritual, it really gets your mind thinking about the unknown. DARKMOOD just needs a few notes to convey angst, dread, apprehension and terror in the listener.

Steve D. Montgomery aka DARKMOOD
Steve D. Montgomery aka DARKMOOD

Evocative and atmospheric, each of the scores on this 13-track album will send chills down the spine of all who listen.  It is not garish and expansive, nor is it over dramatically operatic or orchestral, but as DARKMOOD obviously knows, and this soundtrack-type album illustrates, often less is a whole lot more – Especially in the art of building suspense. And if you enjoy hearing scary and suspenseful music, this is right up your alley. Listen to it with the lights out, and I dare you to not turn them on until you know the album is over…

I read that some critic said how impressed he was with the fact that so many tracks could be used to dance to. Don’t do that! Why on earth would you want to dance to music that is so frighteningly and enticingly intense to listen to? That would be a heresy. The rhythmic pounding of the percussion on “Mutation” and “Horde”, for example, serves to give the tracks much more energizing emotion and sweeping suspense. I doubt DARKMOOD would want us to get up and dance to this!

darkmood-vidExpect menacing synths, powerful percussion, meandering pianos and a plethora of varying sound effects, together with dark and pulsing rhythms and imaginative and atmospheric arrangements. It is almost pointless naming individual tracks, as this album is something you put on and play from start to finish, allowing it to transport you through a stream of eerie, mysterious and undefined imagery which only you have locked in your twisted mind.

“The Dead of Fall” is exactly what I expected and a bit more from a genuine, aspirant, motion picture, music composer. If you’re a fan of movie scores, especially scary ones and want something to listen to on those cold nights when the wind is hollowing, then get into DARKMOOD. But please, promise me you won’t dance to any of this!


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