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The mixtape cover artwork.

Dank Sinatra: “The Legend Of Bomb Brady”, embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity

I am tired of having to wait years between decent hip hop albums and mixtapes that I can listen to and absorb and get something new from every time I listen to it. I long for the mid 90’s, when, in my opinion, hip hop was at its prime. The new mixtape by Dank Sinatra, entitled “The Legend Of Bomb Brady”, embodies that spirit of innovation and creativity that made me fall in love with real hip hop at the time.

There was always a battle going on within the industry between being all about the cash and all about the art. We know who is winning that battle, setting the stage for untalented characters to come and cash in with recycled productions. Dank Sinatra and producers Malcolm Redd, King Dee and BeatCitizen are walking another path.

You will recognize within its 8 tracks, that “The Legend Of Bomb Brady” is a creative contribution to hip-hop. It delivers some truly memorable verses and flows, while  the production is fresh and original, as opposed to the mainstream work which has sadly become predictable. The attitude is energetic and innovative. This here joint represents what we have lost with the evolution of the rap industry. If you don’t have this mixtape, you are not hip hop. Period.

The mixtape cover artwork.
The mixtape cover artwork.

Dank blends hip-hop in its truest form with epic futuristic beats as can be heard on “The Creation”, “The Illusions Of The Obsessed” or “Empire”. But he can get soulful and gritty on “Thrill” or acoustic and essential with “As The Herd Clears”. Without a doubt this collection of songs truly represents the underground genre of hip-hop to the fullest.

“The Legend Of Bomb Brady” is one of the most complete hip-hop mixtapes out now. Each beat is original and carries a different element that makes it unique from the others. The lyrics on the mixtape are unbeatable too, while Dank Sinatra has the most distinctive and uniquely grinding voice of anyone out there, and Malcolm Redd, King Dee and BeatCitizen are all unbelievably skilled on the boards.

It is rare that any hip hop artist or collective will release something as superior as “The Legend Of Bomb Brady”. This mixtape shows how hip-hop music can be taken to another level. The way Dank Sinatra tell stories, is what sets him apart. If you want a real hip-hop mixtape, stay away from the mainstream and grab this, and when you have it, listen to every song on it, I would recommend “The Creation” and “Zero To Kill”, which are my personal favorite tracks.

If you’ve been listening to hardcore hip-hop for years and realized that all of it is the same (as did I) and are looking for more intelligent, innovative music that comes from the soul…cop this beauty!


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