ChuckMAC: “Ride For My Dogs” – pure West Coast with its smooth and rhythmic tones!

On ChuckMAC’s website you’ll read the following lines: “I’m not a rapper, just a nigga who can. Music is my drug.” If that’s not a bold statement then what is? But then so is his latest track, “Ride For My Dogs” produced by Cricet. Here ChuckMAC tells it how it is ridin’ out with his dogs on the West coast, and the whole track is banging from intro to outro.

ChuckMAC doing his thing!
ChuckMAC doing his thing!

This is the type of jam you listen to chilling with the homies and reminiscing. What makes ChuckMAC’s lyrical style so tight is how he raps like he’s telling a story, like he’s actually living the moment while he was doing the song. At the same time, Cricet’s beat sounds fresher and cleaner, especially with his nice synth bass lines, than those of his peers.

ChuckMAC pulled every string imaginable to deliver a real dope banging hip-hop track with “Ride For My Dogs”, and he seemed to do it with ease. This is pure West Coast with its smooth and rhythmic tones, meaning this track must be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area!

ChuckMAC comes up with rhymes that send chills down your spine as he rides the groove with high-powered energy, keeping its vigorous momentum constant from beginning to end. If ‘flamed up and banged up’ is how you like to see it done, then ChuckMAC is doing it right now on “Ride For My Dogs”!

I’ve said it time and time again that West Coast rap is one of my favorites. A lot of the albums that dropped during ’94 and ’95 were some of the best I’ve heard since I’ve been listening to rap music. Why? Because the West came out with some of the most creative music at the time, yet they always managed to keep it catchy and entertaining. Now ChuckMAC comes along with “Ride For My Dogs” and does more of the same…almost better than the same!


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