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BFB: “Rise of the Undergrad” – rewards you the more you listen to it!

The “Rise of the Undergrad” debut mixtape sees the 21-year-old Guyanese Canadian hip hop artist BFB, reflecting on his initial experiences entering post-secondary education, as well as a variety of other topics. The mixtape released on May 26th, tracks the rapper on his journey from adolescence to adulthood. BFB has also released several visuals to accompany the music, which can be found on his Youtube ChannelBFB delivers an impressive mixtape with his release debut. Banging beats and on point lyricism leads to an entertaining album. A hungry sounding BFB opens up the mixtape with a solid intro about getting into university, hyping up his audience for what’s to come.


At first listen, “Rise of the Undergrad” can be an overload to some. This mixtape makes no pit stops; I mean after the excitable and exhilarating intro track, it immediately switches to the explicit “49 Lines (Just A Couple Thoughts)”, where BFB literally drapes the f*ck word around every bar. When I first heard this, I was in awe. Almost hysterical! I was amazed by this double-faced ‘monster’ that BFB had created, and I was only two tracks in!

Thus begins the narrative of BFB’s young-adult life in the limelight of growing up and all its consequences. It is a conceptual affair that is pieced together by BFB’s thoughts, experiences and personal vision that slowly reveals itself by the end of the mixtape, which is confident and bold in its approach and delivery.

The production ranges from hardcore to urban pop and grimy dark symphonic-like arrangements to soul-influenced samples. There is enough variety to keep listeners interested for the duration this mixtape demands. Upbeat songs like “My Own Planet” and “Rhyme Path” will keep your head nodding, while songs like “Manic Impulse”, “Cut The Bullshit” and “Relationship That Won’t Last” will completely gain new perspectives of what exactly goes in the mind of BFB.

Every song on this album has a purpose, and no time is wasted with any filler music, except a few skits that sit between tracks. The songs that I am completely in love with are “Stunt Driving”, “Late Night” and especially “OASAP” which are great tracks with substance, completely shining in their delivery.

“Rise of the Undergrad” will absolutely be one of those mixtapes that rewards you the more you listen to it, the more you pay attention to it and the more you try to understand it. BFB always finds a way to tell a story that makes you think about the way you look at the world, especially as a young-adult. The makings of a great storyteller!


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