Anna Aliena: “The Muse” – Completely free of barriers and limitations

Anna Aliena officially started her career as a singer and songwriter in 2008. She first got noticed as the lead singer of the duo ShirayasDream though she has actually loved making music since her early childhood. Classically trained, Anna combines electronic pop music with operatic vocals, leading to the coining of the term ‘Alien Pop’, to describe her music. She also sings Opera and Lied, a popular German music genre.

Anna-Aliena-CoverAnna Aliena’s first EP “Silly Little Boys” was released by Go!Diva Records in 2011. In 2012 the label published her second EP “Cinderella” and the single “Gloomy Sunday”. Her third EP “Alien Pop” was released in 2013, which was followed by “Swinging Berlin” in2014.

Anna Aliena’s latest record is the 6-track EP, entitled “The Muse” which she says is meant to reflect love and the beauty of the soul. Apart from the powerful vocals, sensitivity, understanding, mastery of the art, and phrasing, it is somewhat hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the songs on “The Muse” so magical but they certainly are, and anyone who passes them by will miss some of the most diverse and rewarding music-making for mainstream pop ears.

The EP opens with “Die Muse”, a lovely mix of twittering Lied and Aliena’s soprano chant. Her vocal range is beautifully demonstrated on “Sasha” where it switches to falsetto in places, and on “The Muse”, a sprawling and soaring number. “I’m Gonna Fly Away” has a catchy hook, lovely string lines and snatches of rousing choral vocals, while “Tvoje Plave Oči” is an impressive love ballad. “Deine Blauen Augen” delivers a magical blend of melodic and classical romanticism. It is one of the highlights of the EP, sensitively interpreted by Aliena over some inspired instrumentation – a listening experience that leaves you breathless before it ends.

Anna-Aliena-MuseAnna Aliena’s extremely stylized interpretations and undertow of vague bizarreness, along with an assured soprano voice, make her instantly unforgettable, in the same way that Kate Bush or Bjork is. Just how do you describe her, her music and her voice? Completely free of barriers and limitations, with a wonderful presence that brings you back for more and more. Her voice is haunting, poetic, and romantic depending on how you listen to the songs and what mood you’re in at the time.

Mostly though, you will you will marvel at the power and artistry she is capable of in so many styles of music. Clearly this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are able to throw all your genres out the window and completely rethink your musical priorities, Aliena’s distinct ability to transport you to places you’ve never even dreamed about, is in the air, on “The Muse”. It’s a cosmic smattering of all things Anna Aliena!


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