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Amandla Turner explores emotion on “I Do”

Amandla Turner and Gary Mirabelle have something that most musicians want and strive to have…

Amandla Turner
Amandla Turner

Amandla Turner was Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She joined the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, at an early age where she was instructed in choral singing for ten years. During her time with Byc, she was able to perform in various places such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden and Radio City. She also performed with Lorin Maazel of the NY Philharmonic, Elton John, Sting and Lou Reed to name a few. Amandla eventually focused on guitar and songwriting and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts.

Amandla is joined by musician, songwriter award winning film maker Gary Mirabelle. Mirabelle is most notably recognized as a fine artist whose works appear in many major collections and museums. All of the music is produced and recorded by Gary Mirabelle at his studio in Brooklyn.

There’s just something great about Amandla Turner’ smooth, sweet and soaring voice that makes her songs the perfect listening experience. “I Do” is another one of those experiences, and the track is further enhanced by a strong and intense power-pop beat presence, that I really like.

amandla-turner-250As Amandla explores emotion on “I Do”, together with Gary Mirabelle, the two show us their ability to manipulate sound. In a departure from the gentle enveloping vibe we heard on “Little White” and “Huckleberry Girl” and maybe a little more closer to “Rescued Me”, Amandla’s sound on this track hits us right in the solar plexus and reels us in. To complement the effect, Gary throws in a sizzling guitar solo and solid production package.

This is pure pop-rock beauty in the age of the superficial. “I Do” reminds us that a simple and clean 4 minute song, beautifully performed, arranged and produced, can completely sweep us off our feet. The music and vocals in “I Do” is expertly paired to the emotions they’re meant to induce.

That said, the working combination of Amandla Turner and Gary Mirabelle have something that most musicians want and strive to have throughout their careers, and that is the ability to craft a song and perform it in a way that is both captivating and beautiful. “I Do” is that song!

Amandla Turner & Gary Mirabelle
Amandla Turner & Gary Mirabelle


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