Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Joe Deere has released his single, “Wishful Thinking”

Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Joe Deere has just released his single, “Wishful Thinking”, right inside the Christmas season, almost as a gift to his fans. In fact the track stays a FREE download on Soundcloud right until the end of 2015! “Wishful Thinking” was recorded using an acoustic and electric guitar, as well as a Rhodes piano. Each track was recorded in one take, to get that ‘raw’ and ‘honest’ feel. The song was written during winter, in solitude, aside the Spanish countryside.

joe-deere-profileJoe Deere was born in the city of Hamburg in Germany in the midst of the sixties. He spent a part of a happy childhood with his “Deere” kin from the UK in a small town near Cardiff, Wales, where he was given the name “Joe” because nobody wanted to call him by his Scandinavian “Ogre”-like birth name.

Joe’s first guitar was an acoustic which was smashed in a fight with some music haters in the neighborhood. When one year later his whole family moved to Spain, with a new acoustic and an electric-guitar on board, he decided to learn it in solitude, so nobody could harm him and his instrument again.

Two years later, back in Germany he founded “Trailstone” with some college buddies; a blues and hard rock combo with “Victor de la Rosa” on drums and a second guitarist with a hard-to-remember name. One year later Joe performed with “Friday 13″- a high school band as a singer in southern Germany. He became the singer and acoustic guitarist for a famous local progressive band for 3 1/2” years.

joe-deere-coverWhile he was working on his songwriting skills in the progressive rock genre, he switched over to some early electronic experimental music, close to the style of “Tangerine Dream” and Klaus Schulze. Joe then went on to become an engineer /programmer and arranger at dmp -studio, technology-center Constance. A film director who was a fan of his band wanted him for a leading role in one of his movies, which was later shown all over Germany.

Several jobs in music studios of Munich, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg followed, mostly as a singer, vocal coach, arranger, guitarist / bassist. Joe also played some beneficial concerts with different bands for “amnesty-international” and others. One hot summer while he was playing on the streets of Cologne (he had a studio project among other jobs as an actor in German TV soaps and a job at a local theatre in Cologne at the same time), he lost his hearing in one ear completely, and had to change his business direction for a few years.

After practicing yoga and meditation, a healing process started and he recovered his hearing completely, which meant he was able to start over with music again, and all the songs which was written during the years between.

The Joe will be launched in early 2016 with supporting campaigns for: “Girls Not Brides” – human rights and “Peta” -animal rights organizations and more. Currently Joe Deere is living in a small town close to Hamburg in Germany.


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