Alex Rosselli – “On The Beach” is crafted efficiently, with clear melodies and excellent progression

Since receiving a guitar as a gift from a friend when he was in his early twenties, innovative instrumental-guitarist Alex Rosselli specializes in blends of creative-fusion that combine the sounds of Rock, Jazz, and Progressive instrumentals. In search of expanding his skillset, refining his sound and discovering stunning new textures, atmospheres and captivating vibes through his guitar, Rosselli roamed through an impressive amount of terrain and official album releases before decidedly declaring himself solely to fusion-music.

There are a plethora of technically gifted guitarists out there, but few can craft instrumental rock fusion, in a coherent, easy to grasp way that is both melodious and rhythmic. Alex Rosselli is able to do as much. His playing never boring or cloying, while he exudes feeling, speed, mastery of the electronics, and a deep knowledge of musical theory and recording techniques. Wicked, soulful, and wildly creative playing and compositions are on offer throughout his 6-track release, “On The Beach”.

Alex Rosselli
Alex Rosselli

There are various and sundry guitar tones on display, all beautiful, further adding to the appeal of the entire album.  And if you’re thinking that only a guitar player can enjoy an album like this, which is void of lyrics, sung or spoken, think again. From the minute “Sleepy Noon” kicks in, extremely strong, cantabile melody lines are supported with hypnotic harmony and absorbing tonality – never too challenging to the ear, but yet remaining connotative – building a universe of imagery surrounded by abundant atmosphere.

Despite expressing a myriad of moods, from a very upbeat “Bouncing”, past the driving groove of “On The Beach”, to the reflective and eclectic lullaby, “Breeze”, which concludes the album, never does it become self-indulgent. There’s always a new feel, a new chord progression or some new harmonies around the corner, but it remains simple and succinct enough to avoid being over the top. Rosselli displays a solid technique, but certainly not to the point of showing off, at any stage. He simply uses his wide-reaching repertoire to broaden his expression in a controlled fashion, unafraid to refrain if necessary.

Every song is crafted efficiently, with clear melodies and excellent progression. The most appealing quality to this recording is that Rosselli experiments with the structure of his composition, particularly with regards to key signatures. And though the guitar takes center stage throughout “On The Beach”, the keyboards also play a major role in coloring the soundscapes. Specifically on “Fatal” and “Breeze”.  If you want an introduction to Alex Rosselli, this album is the way to do it.


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