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YEGDJ: Blackness Party Fukuoka Japan @ Bourbon St.

William Buchanan, better known by his stage name Yahru El Guru Dj (YEGDJ), from Walnut Creek, California, has been featured many times in our magazine over the last year. YEGDJ who is a Heavy Bass, House, Reggae, and Dub-Step Dj and Producer, has shared stages and Dj booths with The Wailers, Mad Professor, Collie Buds, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, Israel Vibration and UB40, to name a few.

YEGDJ who began his career as a professional Dj in 2006 by landing himself a residency at Martini Ranch Denver, one of Denver’s Co. busiest downtown clubs has steadily been moving his career forward, with appearances worldwide, even as far as Japan; which is exactly where his latest release set, Blackness Party Fukuoka Japan @ Bourbon St., originates from!

YEGDJ mixes in 28 groovy tracks for over an hour and ten minutes of foot stomping and head nodding rhythms. I’ve listened to the album continuously for a few days now and it’s just as good as when I started. It’s all cohesive and doesn’t go stale at any point for me.

In fact, on listening to this mix, it’s easy to see why YEGDJ has been gaining a strong following and has been a notable performer at various clubs and music festivals across the globe.

The tracks on “Blackness Party” are characterized by a moderately steady tempo that, for most of the songs is just quick enough to dance to, but just as cool to listen to while driving or reading. As it is upbeat enough to keep you energized but moderate enough to lend itself to becoming background music. Once again YEGDJ proves that he can make an album that is equally well suited as a soundtrack for work, play, or dance. If you dig fat beats and catchy tunes, then this album will not disappoint.

As a whole, “Blackness Party” is full of dense bass-lines, heavy drum hits, and riveting but smooth breakdowns. YEGDJ is able to produce thick soundscapes punctuated by driving drumbeats. The sum total of this is a quality album with solid replay value.

I’m not really a clubber but YEGDJ’s satin-like rhythms make this good music to listen to, even when I’m working, simply because it’s nonabrasive. Unlike his counterparts, who produce hard, distorted sounds, which often are disturbing in any other ambient besides a club or dance festival, YEGDJ sets himselfa step ahead of the restwith mixes that are multi-dimensional.

“Blackness Party”, which is out on YEGDJ’s own label, Beats 4 Djs Records, is an awesome and amazing expression of dance music. YEGDJ knows what you want to hear and he has the talent to make it happen!

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